Saturday, July 24, 2010

What's in da bag?

Well here I sit, on Saturday night, packing for a weekend trip that Drew's family decided they wanted to take on ... oh ... Thursday. Robin if you're reading this, I mean it in the kindest of ways but it really just wouldn't be a trip with his family, or an event for that matter, if it wasn't planned last minute & a little bit insane. Love em' for it.

So anyway, I figured I'd show you guy what I'm throwin' in my bag for this two day adventure. (& adventure it will be, talked to Robin, Drew's mom today & she said to prepare to get primal. BUT I'M ANYTHING BUT!)

Here we go:

1.) Zebra beach towel. Self explanatory.

2.) Makeup bag. Why am I taking makeup? Why wouldn't I?

3.) Eat. Pray. Love. I'm jumpin on the bandwagon folks. & I need a good book to read.

4.) A few outfits

5.) Tennis shoes. We might wanna go on a hike?

6.) To go on the hike: Workout clothes

7.) Bug spray. Because seriously you guys? The mosquitos in Indiana are insane this year.

8.) Tanning oil. Naturally. Get off my back! I packed some sunscreen too to put underneath & I'll put 50 on my face. pinky promise.

9.) MARY KAY MAKEUP REMOVER. yes, it does deserve caps. Seriously amazing & if you don't have some you should. We keep stock of at least 4 at a time in this house. One time, I had to use Lancome makeup remover & well, we'll save that horror story for another day.

10.) Headbands & a hair tie. My hair is ALWAYS up when I'm in the water.

11.) Jammies! ... I'm really excited because they're my new ones for school; I told mom it was time to retire the night gowns.

12.) This Victorias Secret bag that I'm hoping to fit all this stuff into. Whatchu think?


Look ma! It fit!

Some other things I'm not putting in "the bag" but deserve honorable mention are:

- my Brookstone cuddle blanket. Duh.

- my own pillow

- the two beach chairs I bought Drew & I on vacation

- bathingsuits that are currently in the washer

- A couple days worth of healthy food because god love them with AMAZING metabolisms, if I eat with Drews family all weekend my next Makeover Monday post will be verrrrry ugly!

- sunglasses

- tubes for us to float in

- ipod

- radio & batteries because there is no T.V. (& that's okay with me)

- cards for the same reason

- OH! and last but not least ............. MY CAMERA!


I hope you've all had a fabulous weekend & continue to make it rock.

I'm going to try my darndest (word? probably not.) to get a Makeover Monday post on here but since we wont be home until Tuesday & there isn't any wi-fi there & if there is a post timer, I don't know how to use it, I will be relying on my mom to post it for me so we will see.

Hasta la vista bebes!

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