Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful on Thursday

I think I'll skip around a little before I write this post. Yeah, I'm pretty thankful!

Check this out:

Granddad's Tablemates Ed & Merle.

.The nurses helping him after he walked me out from the picnic, he had to ride back on the bus & I had to go to work

If you haven't figured it out, that's my Granddad; happy! This week, one of his activities was a picnic at the activity directors house. I went along too! The nurses at his facility kept telling us that it usually takes Alzheimer's patients about 3 weeks to adjust to a new environment but of course we didn't believe it. Something was definitely wrong. & I guess it kinda was. We figured out that when he was living at home he was not getting his medicine properly. We weren't shocked. So then, when he came here & the nurses were giving him the medicine regularly, he was like sedated. Hence the reason he was hardly walking or talking; he couldn't. Now, he is on 1/4 of the medicine he was on before & walking well (sometimes even carrying his walker in front of him when he walks.)

Last week, we had our 4-H fair in town. I wanted to take him to see the animals & just get out a little. When I started talking to him about it, he said that he didn't know if he wanted to go because he didn't want to miss anything there. I was a little disappointed, yet thankful. The activity director there does a really good job of keeping them entertained and like my mom said, for the first time in years he has a social life. He loves it.

We still go visit him every day but it used to be that I would bypass all of the people in the main room & find him sitting alone in his room, asleep. I can happily say that I haven't been in his room for a week or more because he's always in the main room with the other people.

I'm SO thankful this Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

That place sounds awesome!
My papaw had alzheimers and I remember how tough it was for my Mamaw to find a good place for him to be and actually get taken care of. So that is so great , I'm happy for y'all:]