Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Dorm Room

Guess what? I move into my dorm at BU in 2 weeks & 3 days. ummm. whoa.
So of course, this means 3 things, lots of planning, decorating & shopping.
ALL of which I love.
(my mom does not love all of these things so much. ha!)

Now of course, I can't know what my room is going to look like too much before I get there and actually set it up but I'm gonna throw some things together on here & you guys can give your opinions & especially tell me if I'm missing anything important.

(all of this stuff is stored in our upstairs den which is never used, don't judge pretty please. Oh, & my photography skills SUCK this morning so please, refrain from judgement on that too.)

my daily purchases that I just walk straight upstairs. Where else?

I'm a big wall decoration girl & this is my favorite find of all. It used to be at Target for $50 I think & I got it at Tj Maxx for $20. SCORE!

These are a close second favorite, Pink Polka dot bath towels from my mom's sorority sister!

This crooked picture? It's my drawers for towels & makeup & bath stuff. It will also double as my night stand with a cute piece of fabric draped over the top.

an under-bed box. Essential.

To top all of this off, I have a desk lamp & a floor lamp, do you think I'll need a bedside lamp??
Also, I found this SUPER cute bedding at Macy's that I'm praying every night my mom will get for me. It's GORGEOUS.
(when I get it, I'll blog it for sure)
I also have picture frames & some sentiments for the room.
Oh, & a lighted mirror.

I didn't put everything on here but this should give you a good idea of what I'm gonna be living in next year. Obvi, when I get there, pictures will be taken & blogged about.

Am I missing any essentials? Let me know!

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Megs said...

Have you and your roommate worked out who's bringing a microwave, mini fridge, TV, sweeper, etc.? Those are always good to have. If you guys decide to keep a microwave and fridge in your room, don't forget the dorm food, dishes, silverware, and plenty of bottled water.

You'll need some basic cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, laundry bag, drier sheets, a shower caddy (if you're using a public shower- my freshman suite had private bathrooms, I don't know what BU's housing is like), trash can and trash bags, desk/school supplies, extra hangers, and lots of little storage containers.

Some other things that aren't "essential" but are good to have: first aid kit, basic medicine (Midol, Asprin, cough drops, etc.), mini sewing kit, area rugs, cork board or dry erase board, a fan, extra batteries, flashlight, power strips for extra outlets, and a chair or beanbag.

Do you know if your beds loft? The ones in my suite last year lofted just high enough for me to put those storage shelves like you had underneath. I could fit 2 wide ones and 1 normal one under my bed, which was a lifesaver in terms of saving space and getting extra storage.

I know it sounds like a ton of stuff, but try not to overpack! I definitely packed WAY too much and for my first couple of trips back home, and I was constantly bringing back totes and boxes full of stuff that was just taking up space in my bedroom at school.