Sunday, June 13, 2010

Right now ... my first one ever

I got this idea from Lauren from Texas because she does it sometimes and I just love reading it so I thought it would be fun to do one of my own!

Right now I'm reading ....
I am desperately trying to read Second Chance by Jane green, but sometimes it just takes me a while to get the ball rolling on reading. Im gonna give it another shot tonight. Also, my neighbor came over and asked me to look through a huge bag of books that she had and I came out with six that I thought I'd like to read; yet another reason why I really need to get the ball rolling. Mostly though, I love reading scummy magazines that are the same every single month. That said, I do love Marie Claire and Glamour which always have some new, interesting and not so scummy stuff in them.

Right now I'm watching ...
I seriously hate to admit it but I have been watching a lot of The Hills and The City; guilty pleasure. Jillian Michaels has come out with a new show called Losing it With Jillian Michaels and I do like it. It's a lot like the biggest loser but there is less working out on the show and more intervention type stuff. LOVE the drama.

Right now I'm listening to ....
Country! I go through phases with music; sometimes I like country and sometimes I really just don't. Summer brings out the country in me I think. My two favorites right now are Consider Me Gone by Reba Mcentire and Love like Crazy by Lee Brice. If you haven't heard Love like Crazy, you really need to listen to it. Even if you aren't a country fan, the message is great.

Right now I'm wearing ....
As with music, I go through phases with clothes too. Sometimes I like dressy and sometimes casual - sometimes romantic and sometimes edgy or sporty. Right now I'd say I'm into casual and sporty. After all, I have no desire to get up and get dressed up for church. That's totally abnormal. I bought these shorts yesterday, and I am obsessed:


Right now I'm eating ...
... a lot of really light things like tuna and turkey sandwiches but of course, not without the occasional cookie or ten. Eating light is the only thing that has been keeping me relatively in shape because I have been eating loads and loads of chocolate; I'm talking cookies, cherry yogurt with chocolate chips mixed in and even the occasional left over graduation mints. Last week Friday, I went to pick my brother up from IU (I will save the whole story for another post) but we needed to grab some dinner, so we went to Bloomingfoods which I cannot say enough good things about. If you like fresh, healthy and clean foods, Bloomingfoods is the place for you! Check it out.

Right now I'm loving ...
To start, of course, I'm loving my Mac. I love all of the creative things I can do with it and the million possibilities that I know lie within. I'm also loving working out ... shock, I know ... but for real, I love it. I have wanted a road bike for so long but unfortunately, I don't have an extra twelve-hundred dollars laying around. Therefore, I have no road bike. It has not been until this year that I have fully accepted that and started taking the old Schwinn out for a stroll. Ok, not exactly a stroll but really, hard rides. I have been having so much fun riding through the country and working up a huge sweat while enjoying it. Summer offers tons of time to hang out and I'm so thankful because I've been having a blast hanging out with my friend Ali. We have been rollerblading partners for a while, but hadn't really taken it any farther than that until now. Sleepovers, dinner dates, chats oh my! We have been having so much fun!

Right now I'm wanting ...
Honestly, I'm not wanting for much these days, which I know will come to an end all too quickly when I become a college student. Although there aren't many things I really really want, there are a few things I'd love to find:
  • The perfect pair of black shorts
  • The perfect ring for my Dad to give me for graduation
  • A long strand-y necklace
  • Last, but certainly not least ....... A gucci handbag. .... Keep dreamin, I know.


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