Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brother Love.

Last week, I had a really awesome opportunity to hang out with my brother, Kyle, which I know sounds a little weird but for real, we don't get to hang out very often. Anyway, he called me in the middle of the week and asked if I would come pick him up on Friday because his car is broken and mom and dad couldn't come get him until late. Of course, I said I would ... no problem.
The drive to B-town was a little scary because, well, I'm not the direction diva to say the least. I guess it's pretty much a straight shot from here to there but once in Bloomington I had to find him. I knew he needed me though so I put on my big girl panties and trotted off. The 45 minute drive gave me a lot of time to think and sing and talk to myself, you know. So finally, I arrived to Bloomington and called him ... he was at the freakin library! I was pretty sure that my Garmin doesn't have IU Library in it and that is my only saving grace. He gave me directions though, and I made it! After a quick stop at his apartment to grab his stuff, we started thinking about dinner. Driving down the main strip, we came up on Bloomingfoods and decided that it would be perfect; it was! I just can't stop raving about it. They had a hot buffet and so you load up your plate, they weigh it, and you pay by the pound. Pretty awesome! I got some tilapia, cottage cheese, fruit and a lot of different salads. I was a toad by the end!
Kyle had a hair appointment that night so we had to head back quickly and while we were driving back I think we had one of the best, most mature conversations we've ever had. It was pretty interesting to find out that some of the issues he has been struggling with lately, I have been struggling with too. Who knew a brother and sister had so much in common?? ha! The best part is that it was all about relationships and we were on opposite sides of the issue; I could give him the "girl" point of view and he gave me the "guy" one. I loved it!
After his hair appointment, Kyle wanted to go to a fundraiser downtown, Battle of the Bands. I was totally in and totally enjoying his company so I decided to go too. Just as we were crossing the street though, we came across some of his old friends and ended up going into a little place for drinks. (Not me of course. I watched.) It was super fun to feel like finally, we were friends more than just a brother and sister at odds.
Battle of the Bands was nothing spectacular and I ended up leaving him so that he could go to the movies but that didn't matter. For the first time in a long time, I felt that bond that is only between siblings. I felt brother love.

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