Saturday, June 12, 2010

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Here I am! Back to the blog. I am so excited to be back writing again but at the same time, I'm also really excited about the fact that I'm now working on my brand-spankin-new Mac Book Pro!
Here's my new baby:


Using a Mac when I have always used a PC is quite difficult! There is so much to learn about my new computer but I can already tell you, without a doubt, that I am in love with it! I love that I can stick my SD card right into the little slot on the side and upload my pictures. Especially since for some reason my camera no longer connects to the computer. Hopefully, you will be seeing lots of new cool tricks on here that I have learned. Bare with me though, it will be a slow process I'm sure.

Lots of exciting things have happened since the last time I posted. I'm sure you're shaking your head saying duh! It's been almost two months! I know, I know ... I promise that I will start being better about it.

I guess the first really exciting thing is that I was awarded a $500 dollar scholarship at an awards banquet in May! Of course, I'm a bit bias but I really did think it was the coolest scholarship given out that night. This particular scholarship was given in memory of Jean Mclellan by her family. She was a teacher in my town for over thirty years and "went above and beyond the call of duty", she lived with "passion and desire to help others." Her daughter presented me with the award at the ceremony which was really awesome and made it seem even more special to me. I know the Student Government leaders nominated me for it and I couldn't be more honored.

The next really awesome thing is that Drew signed to play college football with Marian University this fall! He has worked so hard throughout high school to achieve this dream to play at the college level, so it was a very exciting day. The look on his face is one of pure excitement and pride; I love you!

Also in May, it was time for our last ever High School prom! A few weeks before prom we had a half day of school and I went out to lunch with some of my friends but Drew was going to come over later in the afternoon. On the same day, we had some workers at our house putting up some new front steps so there was a lot of commotion in the front yard. I pulled up to my house after lunch that day while talking to my mom on the phone and Drew wasn't at my house yet so I continued to just sit in my car and talk to my her until he showed up. Five, six, seven minutes went by and no Drew but I was content talking to my mom. Just then, Drew beeped in and asked where I was; I told him and he was totally stumped because the truth of the matter was that he was inside my brothers room watching me waiting for me to get out and see this :

It was Drew's dad's company doing our concrete work so he asked if the workers were still there and if there was still stuff in my yard. I had seen the forks before but I thought it was just the workers stuff so when he asked if there was stuff in the yard I looked again and noticed that it wasn't the workers stuff, it was forks! At first, I thought it said poop and I was very mad; who would write mean things in my front yard? So, I quickly hung up and jumped out of my car to see that it said PROM? Of course, I was so excited and there he was standing at my front door waiting for me! I already knew that I would go to prom with him but every girl still wants a surprise now and then and this was a great one: Prom? in forks in my front yard!

The day of Prom came quicker than we thought it would but it was so exciting! I had a beautiful dress that Drew had helped me pick out and my hair had been done, nails done and fake eye lashes applied. The night was so much fun. We started out by going to the Weber Grill for dinner which was seriously the best dinner I've had in a while and then headed back to town for prom. I was on prom court which was fun and although I didn't win, I was happy to be nominated. We danced the night away (even though we were drenched in sweat) and then went to the after prom party which is always great! After prom is always chock full of really awesome prizes to win. I got a Hobby Lobby gift card and a Walmart card. Super exciting! The only downfall was that at the next party, Drew realized I had 70 tickets left in my back pocket! Oh the prizes I could've won! All in all it was a super fun night and I'm glad we could make these memories with our friends and each other.

Jenna and I

My prom court partner: Damon

The Grand Finale of my Senior year and May (well June because of so many snow days) was of course, Graduation. My bestie cousin Morgan flew in from Raleigh, NC and my grandparents drove from SC! We had a full house. On graduation day, I got to sit up on the stage with the Valedictorian and Salutatorian and the two other girls on Student Government. I got to walk in first and even give a bit of a speech. All of that felt great but honestly, I had not felt any

different about graduating until I walked into the music and it hit me that I am really leaving this place, really moving on and really growing up. It was a pretty strange feeling but at the same time exhilarating. Graduation was awesome but the graduation party was the most fun! Four of my girlfriends and I had our party together in a big barn with a DJ, corn hole and lots of food! Never before have I felt so loved and had that many of my friends and family in one place. It was exhausting, but wonderful!

The five graduation girls!

My beautiful cousins Morgan and Bethy

Grandad and I ... so thankful that he was at my party; my only living biological grandparent.

My little Maggie May - one of my favorite guests.

My momma

One of my besties: Ali
Last Senior day! Paper Toss.
Graduation Day. A strapping lad.


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