Saturday, June 26, 2010

One of summers best gifts: Days and nights at the lake.

The daycare lady I work for during the week in the summer is on vacation for a few days so I have only had to work a couple hours in the morning at the local pool leaving time for me to do fun stuff that I don't normally get to do in the afternoons. Yesterday I invited Drew and two of our friends to go out to my moms boyfriend, Donnie's house on a lake to boat, swim and play. We had so much fun! Every time we go, I become more brazen on the Jet ski! Of course he would never admit it, but I threw Drew off the back yesterday. Jackpot! I've been trying to get him off that thing for almost a month now. Morgan on the other hand, held on for dear life and I couldn't get her off for anything. Maybe next time? We all left the lake around 5 happy and a little bit crispy.

Drew's parents were out of town so we were in charge of his little sister last night. After we got cleaned up and ready it was time to pick her up from cheerleading practice and then to drop her off to hang out with a boy. (Drew is struggling with the fact that she's going to be in High School next year and can hardly control himself when it comes to her hanging out with a boy. So cute.) After we got her situated, we went back out to the lake to have a cookout dinner with my mom and donnie. It was one of the most beautiful dinners I've ever had. The sun was setting, the moon was rising and we all enjoyed each others company. After dinner and a Pontoon ride, Drew and I were sitting on the dock with our feet in the water and I thought man, aren't we lucky.

I'm so grateful for one of summers best gifts: days and nights at the lake.

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Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! It sounds like you had a great and Drew make a gorgeous returning your follow from FMBT! :)