Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh - hi - oh!

Drew and I have been talking about going to the Zoo for a long time and yesterday, we finally did it. We asked our good friends Nikki and Ethen to go & they suggested the Cincinnati zoo. They said they thought it was better than the Indianapolis zoo and it really was! Through the years, I've been to the Indy zoo lots of times so it was nice to see something totally new too. The best part? God planted an angel at the gate going in who said, "we have extra tickets, do you guys need some?" Free tickets! ... Free always makes a trip feel so much better!

Apparently all zoos have a theme. The Cincinnati zoo's theme is primates. They had gorillas!

Of course they had all kinds of other monkeys, but the gorillas were the most fascinating to me. It's insane how human-like they were! I couldn't help myself but to wonder if god had run out of ideas making animals and decided to make the gorillas mostly like humans but just a little bit different. Maybe he was testing our faith?? ... Even I, creation girl, was questioning evolution after seeing them!

We saw a bunch of other animals too. Some made us scared & others just amazed us.

These guys just cracked me up:

Although the Cincinnati zoo didn't have dolphins like the Indianapolis zoo, and the dolphins are my favorite, they did have manatees. They were awesome and I didn't regret not getting to see the dolphins because I had not seen manatees before. Is it the manatee that is the "water elephant"? I think so & rightfully so. These guys were mongo.

(Ethen and Drew are standing right underneath the sign that says, "do not stand in window", naturally.)

The last thing we wanted to see were the elephants but when we got to the exhibit, it was empty! We kept walking and Drew, Mr. Adventurous, walked into a really big building and there they were! The elephants were like 4 feet in front of us just hanging out and scooping up hay. I love love loved being so close to them. You think it hurts when your toe gets stepped on by a person?? ... Imagine it getting stepped on by an elephant! Oh but they looked so cute!

Guess what the last thing we got free was?

An ice cream cone! The cones were huge, so when I went in and said I just wanted a little bit of chocolate with some sprinkles, the sweet girl said oh, just take it. It's not much. THANK YOU JESUS. I skipped out of there like a 12 year old with a new cell phone. Nikki and I shared because it was just too good of a deal not to share!

The day ended with a trip to Currito ... Burritos without borders. mmmmm! The summer burrito is fabulous! ... Mango, rice, black beans, cheese & salsa all wrapped in a huge carbalicious flour tortilla? Yes please.

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