Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not for Weenies.

.... yeah, that's right, I said it, having a family member with Alzheimer's is NOT for weenies.

Today, Drew left for Wisconsin to go to Summerfest to see 2 O.A.R. concerts and 2 Dave Matthews concerts. yeah. And so anyway, he came over early this morning to see me before he left but I couldn't throw off my morning ritual of going to see granddad. So, before going to get his van serviced (yeah, I said van. Mini Van actually. shut up! I think its adorable!) we went to visit granddad.

There is the sweetest CNA there who is only a junior in high school. I swear, she's the best one there. Anyway, when I walked in she said that they hadn't been able to get him out of bed yet today. So, Drew and I went back to his room, unsure of what we would find, and found him still laying in the bed in his undies. Dang. Of course, I got him dressed & brushed his hair & teeth and then he actually wanted to go out front. Out front is where everyone sits and participates in activities. Every day, I walk up to the door & ring the door bell, hoping he will be out there participating too. He's not. So today, I was super glad when he wanted to go out and socialize. Together we passed a beach ball & kicked it too. Things have been a roller coaster with him since we've had him here but today was the first time I felt like he was better than the day before and for that, I am extremely grateful.

So you might be thinking ... if you're so grateful ... why is it for weenies? Let me tell you. Granddad, Drew & I had a great time playing and just as I do with the kids I babysit, I warned Granddad when it was almost time for me to leave. Apparently he didn't get the message. I had to repeatedly tell him why I had to leave and when I finally felt like he understood I said the usual, "ok Granddad, I love you, bye."

.... Get your kleenex out ....

... and he said, with his voice quivering and tears in his eyes, "bye."

Drew tried to console me by telling me that soon, he will adjust but man, my heart broke once again. I wanted to go scoop that big 87 year old man up and carry him home but I couldn't.

And this is why I say, having a family member with Alzheimer's is not for weenies.


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