Thursday, June 24, 2010

The best workout ever!

On Tuesday and Thursday nights, our gym offers a spinning class that I ABSOLUTELY love. I love it because its in a dimly lit room where I can be alone with my thoughts and the teacher has amazing taste in music. It's so much fun to ride to good music! The best part about the spinning class though is that it is an amazing workout (one that I would never do if forced to do alone). I keep pushing through the pain because there is no way I'm gonna get off my bike and walk out like a puss. It's a pride thing. Spinning is the best peer pressure there is. On Tuesday, I literally thought that I could taste blood in my mouth. It was SO hard!! At one point the teacher said, okay guys we're gonna do a sprint at a six or a seven (on a scale of one to ten) so it's gonna feel fast but also really heavy.
::Shoot me now::
I made it though and felt utterly delicious after I got done with such a kick ass workout.
Here I am after I was done. Sweaty, tired and so proud for finishing!

McFatty Monday bloggers: Try a spinning class! I promise if you stick with spinning & your diet, you wont be a "McFatty" for long!

.... That reminds me, spinning is in one short hour. Just enough time to finish things up here and mentally prepare myself to get rocked.

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