Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello in 2014.

Ahhh ... it's been awhile since I've posted here and somehow, I let 2013 slip away without a goodbye so I thought it would be only proper to welcome 2014 with a hello.

Man, 2013 was a good year. Like really good. Of course, there were some dark spots like losing my Granddad in April, but mostly the year was good.

I traveled more last year than I have any year ever and that was fabulous. I visited the Carolinas four times and Florida once which meant seeing my extended family more in one year than I ever have. You can't beat that, you know? I also had the amazing opportunity to work from home all summer doing things I love which was the only way I was able to travel so much.

But also, I worked my butt off.

I had over 100 photo shoots in 2013, which if you're counting, means I had a shoot every 3-4 days. So not only does that mean a photo shoot, but it means scheduling and invoicing and editing and sending off and lots of communication in between. Of course, I reaped the benefits and the benefits were nice, but it certainly was not easy.

And, I had my highest GPA ever at Butler this last semester which I will probably talk about for my entire life, because I'm really proud.

I finished up my last semester as the advertising manager on Butler's newspaper last semester too.

So all this is to say ... I'm feeling kind of burned out.

And I hate that, because I love photography and promotions and PR and getting good grades. But, I'm feeling like, little to no inspiration for 2014.

Every year, I make goals and I feel super motivated by a new year and a clean slate, but this year I'm just rolling with the punches so far and not making too many lofty goals.

I do have some exciting things on my plate for 2014, like spring break with friends in Cabo and a graduation and hopefully a job and a move, but I'm not doing high kicks and toe touches yet.

Maybe I'll feel more excited when it isn't -6 degrees outside and when the light at the end of the tunnel starts getting a little brighter.

Anyone else feeling a little lackluster about the new year?? Tell me I'm not alone.