Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Catching up in bullet points .... & there are a lot.

Over the last year or so, I've seriously neglected this blog. I've talked about that before, I know. But the thing is, I like my blog and I love the friends I've met through blogging, so I try to just come back over here & write whenever I feel I have time. Hopefully you guys don't feel like I'm the super annoying rando blogger & if you do, please just keep that to yourself & act like you like me ... kapeesh?

So since it's been way too freakin' long since I've blogged & a lot has happened in the meantime, I thought I would just update you in bullet points. Sound fab? Okay great.

  • Good people exist. Sometimes its easy to forget that good people do, in fact,  still exist & only remember the bad stuff. But this weekend I had an instance where I was smacked right in the face with how good people are. I had a boudoir marathon at a hotel in my town (I'm a photographer) last weekend & usually, I have people pay me via PayPal but time got away from me & I forgot to send invoices. So, a couple people just gave me cash. Well, as is all too typical with me, I took the cash from the two while I was talking & without thinking, put it somewhere. When I got to the lobby to leave, I realized I was missing $250.00. Now, I had an extra lady sign up last minute so I was making more than I had planned on anyway, which meant I didn't really need that money but $250.00 is a lot of money and I didn't want to just leave it. Well, a lady and her two elementary-aged children were sitting in the lobby of the hotel and saw me frantically searching and offered to come to my room and help me look for the money. I thought it seemed a little strange but I wanted the money and couldn't find it anywhere so I took them up on the offer. Wouldn't you know, I found $100 in the trash & the little girl found $150 in a book on the desk of the room. I nearly cried and hugged them & thanked them & now I have a lot of good karma to repay.
  • I didn't win the face search. If you saw my post last week, you know I auditioned to be the face of a local television station. Well, I didn't win, but it was a really scary, awesome experience. Luckily, one of the finalists I love and am rooting for hardcore. 
  • I actually have the best boyfriend in the world. It's weird dating someone for as long as I've dated Drew - almost 8 years to be exact. Since we've dated since 8th grade, it almost seems like he isn't the same person now, because we've both grown up so much. What I mean to say is, it's not boring because we've changed over time. But, his growing up has been amazing. Yesterday, I was stressed. It was 10 o'clock and I hadn't done anything for the day yet (& I had a lot to get done) and I finally told him I just needed to at least go get a shower so I felt like I had done something. So while I showered, he made breakfast & then when I got out, I came to clean it up. Well, when I get stressed, I clean like a mad woman. Dishes away! clutter in piles! Everything wiped down! And clearly, he could tell the shower hadn't done me enough good so he came over, took the dishes from me & told me to just go get ready, he'd take care of it. And while I was getting ready he cleaned up all the dishes, took out the trash and picked up my shoes and things out of the living room. Now that's a good man. 
  • My boyfriend can't breathe. Hmmm stress seems to be a common theme 'round here. After a two-week vacation, I was ready to come home & pedal to the metal, get work done. I have a bunch of photo stuff scheduled & I still haven't finished my internship so I had a lot to do. Well, wouldn't you know, Mr. Drew became unable to breathe last week so we spent our days at three different doctors last week. We're still unsure if it's just stress or if he may have a heart issue, but by the time we got to the last doctor, I told her she needed to either figure out what is wrong with him or give me some xanax. It sucks not being able to help the one you love and all that meant I got about zero work done.
I could go on and on and on with updates, but I'll stop here & try to come up with some full posts in the near future. Is anyone even reading anymore??


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