Sunday, May 12, 2013

Playing catch up on The Challenge

Last night, my gorgeous cousin and first best friend said I do to the guy of her dreams in her parent's back yard in North Carolina. The reception followed in an old tobacco barn. It was pretty sweet. But since the wedding was in North Carolina which meant a plane trip for us and since I was the MOH, blogging took a back seat last week. I'm ready to jump back on the wagon today, though so let's get this party started, shall we ...
Tuesday - something that scares you
I could have blogged on Tuesday, actually - I had time, but I needed some extra time to think about what scares me. I mean, I could have written about how sometimes at night, I sprint from my car to the house even if it's just in the driveway because I'm afraid of bad guys or I could tell you demons and ghosts are two things I HATE to think about but that all seemed boring so I kept thinking & finally I came up with it ... 

I'm afraid of my future kids being bad. 

I know you're probably thinking "ok, crazy"  but for real, that scares me. I know parenting has so much to do with a child's behavior, so being a good parent is something I think about often too, but what about the kids who by nature are just difficult or mean or lazy? What about the people who kill people whose parents are like, "we did everything we could, he was always just different". That shit's scary. 

Every time I hear of a kid getting arrested for drugs or alcohol or getting kicked out of school for fighting, I'm always asking what their parents are like. Almost every day I think about how I can be a good parent, what that means & how I can add productive citizens to the world in the future.

Luckily, my mom is the best role model for a great parent so I don't have to look far. 

Wednesday - Advice I have to give
I'm not an expert on much, but I guess if I had to give one piece of advice to the masses it would be: Don't ever let someone tell you not to do something if you really want to do it. Of course, I'm saying this about logical, positive endeavors. I just think about all the things I wouldn't have done if I had listened to people telling me not to. The first thing that ones to mind is blogging.

I vaguely remember sitting in Statistics as a senior and one of the boys was making fun of me loudly for blogging. What did I think I had to say?  Who was going to read?

 Well, little did he know, that just lit my fire. I had to keep doing it & doing it well after that. Now, here I am three years later with my blog still running & thanks to this site, I secured a blogging internship for Verizon Wireless this summer. Winning. 

It's kind of like the quote I shared - when someone tells you no, you tell them yes & when someone says you can't, show them that you can.

Thursday - A moment in my day
I could put up a million pictures from Thursday; it was a crazy but good day. I worked at a Daycare & watched nine, yeah ... nine, babies under three on my own. I started at 8:30 and by noon I was ready to start drinking heavily. At one point, all nine were screaming at me for something whether it was to be held or to have milk. yeah.

But the afternoon made up for the crazy morning when Drew & I went to the lake together for the first time this summer. I mean, no other words are really needed, are they?

Friday - Most embarrassing moment 
Well, a really embarrassing thing happened recently but truly, it's too fresh & inappropriate to share so let's talk about the time I had a brand new American Eagle skirt right after Christmas - a skirt I thought I looked so cool in & since it was red (and I was too young to know how stupid I looked) I wore white tights. Well, I had just gone to the bathroom & came out still thinking I was really hot stuff when a guy came up beside me and said, "um ... mam, your skirt ...", and yep, my skirt was tucked into my panty hose in the back. mmmmhmmm. yep. that was pretty embarrassing.

Saturday - Sell yourself in 10 words or less
Oh man this is hard ... ok ... 

smart, driven, logical, down-to-earth, happy, family & puppy lovin' Indiana girl. 

There ya go, not as hard as I thought it would be.

Sunday - Something I miss
You know what? I miss things. I miss my Nan, I miss my family being together, I miss my brother since he's living in L.A. I miss some stuff. But I'm tired of writing and I promised myself I wouldn't write when I didn't want to so I'm going to stop. I'll be back tomorrow with the Monday topic.

Hope you guys are all having a fabulous Mother's Day! 


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Courtney B said...

I am terrified that my Mia won't grow up to be the angel that I know she is, ha! But seriously. Hubs and I are going to do everything we can to teach her what's right and what's wrong, and hopefully that will stick with her forever!
Love your embarrassing moment :) That's only happened to me once, but I caught it before I walked out of the bathroom. I have walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper hanging out of my pants at Target though :) When public restrooms don't have the liners I always line it with toilet paper, then squat. But the tp is there just in case I touch the seat. Apparantely when I pulled my pants up, the tp came up with it. Yeah, super embarrassing!