Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Foreshadowing of Awesomesauce.

It's kind of weird, I think, how I can think back to things I did when I was little and realize how they really led me to the kind of person I am now.

 For instance, I was always playing make believe, whether it was "house", "babies", or "store" – my creative side is my strongest side now.

And I was always doing projects. Like, I distinctly remember my aunt making fun of me for always doing "projects" which usually consisted of gluing flowers on mason jars at my Nan's or something I thought was just genius.

One thing I think I've always been? Is a figure-it-outter. I'm technical too, obviously.

But I mean really, when all the other girls at pre-school took all the baby dolls at play time? I strategically picked up an elmo doll and pretended it was my baby, even though it was clearly way less realistic, because I thought it would make them want it and then I could get the baby dolls. And when my mom wouldn't read me a book the minute I wanted it read? She found me on my neighbor's porch with him reading it to me.

Basically? You tell me no, I'll tell you yes. I'm always gonna figure it out.

Today, I was thinking of two of the most hilarious "figure it out" moments of my childhood.

First? The whiteboard. Okay, you know those little tiny white boards they sell at Target for like $8.00? I really, really wanted one, once. who am I kidding? I still want one. for every wall please. But, my mom kept telling me no. It was a waste of money. Well apparently, I got tired of hearing no because I came up with my own white board. Yessiree, I got a ziplock baggie, I folded up a white piece of paper in it, got a dry erase marker and a thumb tack and I hung that baby on my wall. I had a white board. And I was pretty freakin' proud of it. I was like eight, you guys. Tell me that's not brilliant.

Second? Bottles. I already mentioned I really liked to play babies. Like a lot. And I wanted them to be as realistic as possible but again, for some crazy reason, my mom would never buy me real diapers or let me use real milk in their baby bottles. It was so lame. So guess what I did? I put some water and flour in those bottles and shook em' up. Looked exactly like real milk. Genius.

I just think it's so funny how the weirdest, smallest things kids do are kind of a foreshadowing of what they'll be like in their adult lives.

I'm creative and a figure-it-outter. Ok, and maybe a little stubborn too.


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jess said...

um that whiteboard idea? freaking genius. i'd be impressed if you did that now at 21. it's a great idea!