Sunday, March 3, 2013

I was on stage.

I didn't necessarily want to go out Saturday night, I really just wanted to go somewhere, have one nice, cold Blue Moon & head home. It's kind of weird how mentally exhausting photography is but I had a shoot during the day Saturday & I was really tired so going out all night didn't sound too appealing.

But you know, plans change.

I had heard Drew talk about Bud's Tavern a few times before but I was unaware of just how redneck the place would be until we got there. The walls were covered in Nascar gear and the average age in there was about 50 with a Budweiser hat on. Yeah.

"This is 'merica!," Drew said when we walked in.

So I started drinking heavily.

Just kidding, I didn't. But I did feel a little uncomfortable & the more Blue Moon I drank, the better I felt about it until I decided that getting on stage to Karaoke sounded like a fabulous idea. And singing Scrubs by TLC would be perfect.

Drew was pretty embarrassed. He should know by now this is just who I am. Our conversation went something like this:

Drew: Don't make a fool of yourself, babe.
Me: Oh come on, it'll be fun! I'm doing it!!
Drew: Alright, we'll I'm tellin' ya, you're going to be ready to leave as soon as you're done so I'll go get the car warmed up.

Joke was on him because I stayed on stage for two or three more times. I would tell you what they were but if I told you, I'd have to kill ya.

So Bud's wasn't exactly the classy, quiet bar I had envisioned for my Saturday night but it was pretty dang fun. Sometimes, plans don't go as you think they will & sometimes, that turns out really great.


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Unknown said...

divey, dad bars are my absolute favorite! and the drinks are usually so much cheaper - sounds like fun to me!