Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Twenty One while Twenty One

Twenty-One years ago today, the doctor called my momma & said it was time for me to grace the world with my presence to which she said the most polite, "hell no!", she could & hung up the phone. Thankfully, my dad talked her into calling him back because even though she didn't think I was ready, after seven and a half months, I wanted to peace out of that joint or uh .... uterus and I couldn't wait one.more.minute.

Funny, I've been like that ever since. I know what I want, when I want and I want it now.

So naturally, last night, I got the brilliant idea to make a "21 while 21" list, because I really don't have enough to do on a regular basis and I thought it would be fun. But, I only had approximately three hours to make the list because it had to be done on midnight on my birthday or else the whole thing would be ruined forever.

I plan on blogging about every single one of these things I do & hopefully, by February 12th 2014, I will be able to say I crossed them all of the list.

Here we go ...

1. Take a road trip with no specific destination
2. Go camping
3. Visit Shedd Aquarium 
4. Visit 21 new cities
5. Do a really out of the ordinary nice thing for 5 people
6. Skinny dip at least once
7. Have a lemonade stand with a kid
8. Stargaze with wine at least once
9. Go to LA to see my brother twice
10. Run through the sprinkler
11. Visit Wendola (my Nan's best friend who I used to see all the time when Nan was alive but haven't seen since her funeral)
12. Write 20 handwritten letters 
13. Go to the Indianapolis Art Museum with Uncle Benny (he's an artist & loves to go but never gets to)
14. Do at least two charity photo shoots
15. Read 10 books for leisure
16. Eat at a restaurant & leave a 100% tip
17. Hula Hoop
18. Think of someone who has made a difference in my life ... tell them
19. Send 3 packages
20. Ride a mechanical bull
21. Have a night with Kim (our neighbor who's also like my grandma)

Some of the things on the list are easy and some will be harder to accomplish, some are meaningful and some are just fun, but I want to be intentional about doing them all.

At the top of my list today? Go out to dinner with my family & get a big ole' fancy drink.

Have you ever completed a list like this? Was it fun? Why did you do it?


Chrissy said...

Happy birthday! Can't wait to read about your adventures!

The Gambrel Family said...

So fun! Good luck with your list, it is a wonderful way to make your 21st memorable!!

Unknown said...

happy birthday miss ali! i can't wait to read all about this list - what a good idea.

have a blast celebrating!! xo.

Unknown said...

"1. Take a road trip with no specific destination"

I have done that lots of times! It is absolutely awesome! It feels so liebrating! My husband and I love adventures and we kinda hate making plans.

now that we have a baby, though, i think we'll probably be less adventurous.. but we are NOT prepared to give up this lifestyle completely. :)