Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life Update

That thing about every class having all the big stuff due at the same time in college? It's true. And because of that, I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the whole week and much of the weekend (um, excuse me, how is it only Wednesday?).

Also, in case you were wondering, I have three things you could call jobs - I'm the Ad Manager for our school newspaper & I intern at two different places. Oh, and I blog and own a photography business.

I feel like I work, work, work & then sleep too quickly & then work & work some more. But, I did have a pretty stellar weekend so I thought I'd take a brief break from whining & share some pictures. Shall I?

Friday night, I went to DayGlow with a group of friends at The State Fair Grounds. I'm not too huge into electronic music but the thrill of dressing up in crazy costumes and getting paint splattered all over me was really too much to turn down. There were definitely some interesting characters there & we ended up leaving a little early because one of my friends walked out and they wouldn't let her back in but it was a pretty cool atmosphere & while I probably wouldn't do it again, it was a cool one-time experience. 

Saturday - day consisted of homework all day and a little bit of grocery shopping too but I pulled myself out of the house at night to wear my homemade fairy costume. Well, most of it was homemade - everything but the wings. I have to admit, the party we went to was super lame - it was at a frat & after waiting outside for an hour and a half in freezing temperatures in my little costume, I threw my hands up & went home to take a hot bath but dressing up was really fun! 

Sunday was for two photo shoots and more homework. Amazingly enough, I talked both of my clients into coming to me up here at school for their shoots instead of me driving home. yeah, my clients are better than yours. Both sessions turned out fabulous & I really couldn't be more thankful for how my little business is growing & how I'm learning. Two people contacted me about shoots after I posted images from the two on Sunday. I'm blessed, for sure.

And now? Off to class & then billing for our ads in the paper & then more class & then homework and then this weekend? Die. Never get out of bed. 

Just kidding, one of my clients is having a baby this weekend & guess who's going to the hospital to take pictures?!?

Until next time, loves.



Stephanie Lynne said...

Seriously girl! You sound like me in college!

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

Holy cow girl!! You're my hero! #realtalk