Friday, October 26, 2012

Favorite Fall Piece

Since I'm built somewhat like this: 

shopping for pants is like my least favorite thing to do, ever.

And consequently, I never have any & always need some because well ... I never buy any.

Shirts? I got stock in them. Pants? Not so much.

But this year? This year I found pants that made the heavenly angels sing ....

The J.Crew matchstick pants.

You would think these would be the worst thing ever for me because uh, well, matchstick & skinny aren't adjectives I would use to describe my butt & thighs. Not like, in a million years.

But? These are perfect! They fit like a glove!! 

And they come in all different styles - I have jeans & cords. 

I'm lucky enough to have an outlet close by me so I think I got these for around $40 which is a steal. And also good because I probably wouldn't be able to afford them in the full-price-store.

So there you have it, if you're built like a pair & can't ever find pants, check these babies out because they have been a lifesaver for me! 


1 comment:

Brooke Stearns said...

I'm not shaped like a pear but I cant ever find any jeans that fit me right. Looks like I need ti try these out. :)