Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Fashion Picks.

What do you do on a rainy Tuesday morning?? 

You window shop via the internet, of course.

(My professor just said, "Ali is always shopping". She knows me so well already!)

Now that fall is officially on its way, I'm feeling inspired to vamp up my wardrobe a little (sorry, mom) so I put together this little inspiration board on Polyvore to guide my search for the perfect fall outfits for every occasion.

 Honestly, I just typed in what I was looking for like, "yoga pants" or "chunky sweater" and picked what I liked. Of course, after I was finished, I saw that nearly one-hundred percent of these things are uh, way, way out of my budget.

But! The good news is, just because this faux-fur vest is Juicy Couture doesn't mean mine or yours has to be Juicy; I'm pretty sure I could find almost the same thing at Forever 21 and on a college budget, that's what I'll be doing.

The same is true for most of these things ... well, except for the big fat Louis over there ... I'll never find that at Forever 21 and consequently, I'll probably never have the bag either. Oh yeah, same for the Tory Burch wedges. Dang it!

But if you can't dream, what can you do?

Fall Look Book

What pieces are you searching for this fall?

What are you lusting over that you'll probably never get?

Make an inspiration board for yourself via Polyvore & leave your link in the comment section ... I want to be inspired by you too!

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Anonymous said...

I loooooove that red peplum dress but whoa mama $3, 595!!!