Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This week is our annual family vacation to Ocean Isle, NC. We've been coming here my entire life. Well, actually, my life began here if ya know what I'm saying'. - that's why I didn't exist one beach trip & was three months old the next. I've always loved it here. I've loved everything about it. We rent a house that sits right on the beach, there's basically nothing to do on the island except lounge and there's an open invitation for any of our Carolina family to come join - and when your grandpa was born here one of thirteen children, you just don't know who might show up! But this year, it's a different feeling. This year, I needed the trip to re-charge. It's the first year I've actually been working full time and the first year I understood the kind of re-charge this place can offer. There really is nothing like sitting on the front porch listening to the waves crash one over the other or the feeling of having to do absolutely nothing except lay on the beach or most importantly, being with the people you love who you wait all year to see. This trip is the highlight of the year - its the highlight of our lives & now it takes on a whole new meaning - like filling up a gas tank when it's running on fumes or having a filet after a fast. I'm recharging but not yet fully re-charged.

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