Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Forty Hours a Week

This little blog has been horribly neglected lately, I know.

 My family just went through a really tough time that I couldn't completely talk about & it was all I wanted to write about so my solution was just not really writing at all.

 And? I've started my first "real" job & um, let's just say I have a whole new appreciation for working people. This forty hours a week stuff is tough. I feel like I go to work and then go to bed and then go to work and go to bed. Not really, but it's so hard to fit everything in and I'm not even a mom like so many of the bloggers out there. I really can't even imagine throwing a child in on top of working all the time. Dumb or not, I'm going through a serious adjustment working all the time. Three weeks into this job, I think I'm finally just beginning to understand how to fit everything in. So hopefully, my blogging will get more consistent and hopefully even more fun.

Last weekend, I threw a bachelorette party for my long-time friend, Megan, and it was a total blast. Throwing a party is really daunting you know? I feel like there's so much pressure especially with Pinterest & the insane parties people are throwing now. The small details are huge! I was really nervous about the party but it ended up turning out exactly the way I envisioned it only even more fun. Most importantly, Megan loved it! I will hopefully have a full post up about it tomorrow but we'll see, I'm having a huge small issue with the pictures. please pray I can recover them.

I'm hoping to link up with Raven and Becky for the vlog today when I get home so you might just get two blog posts today - when it rains it pours I guess.

My lack of writing and serious lack of any good writing has caused me to lose readers, I'm sure, but thanks to those of you who have stuck with me & are still reading and thanks especially for those of you who have asked where I've been.

I'm right here & hopefully you'll be seeing more of me very soon!


Anonymous said...

I hope everything has worked itself out with your fam.

And I agree, being an adult is overrated! :)

Tia said...

That's exactly how I use to feel before I started staying at home with my daughter. Work. Sleep. Work. Sleep. Hang in there girl!