Monday, May 7, 2012

{{Lately}} In bullet points.

I haven't been around here much lately because I haven't had much time. It's going to get worse before it gets better but luckily, I think life might be slow Wednesday - Monday so maybe you'll see some decent posts from me then. Until then though, let me share what's been going on & why I've been so busy ...

  • Psychology Final. That should be enough said but I can explain ... This final was comprehensive and also included a specific part about the last few chapters we learned but hadn't been tested over yet. And those chapters included all the mental disorders, their symptoms & their treatments. Oh, you're worrying about things that might happen but there's no clear & present danger? Well it sounds like you have an anxiety disorder my dear. Which, I might just have after studying my brain off for this damn final. But I'm pretty sure I killed it so mission accomplished, right?
  • Two Other Finals ... Marketing & Global Historical Studies: Women's Rights. These weren't as hard as the Psych Final. Like I spent five hours studying for these instead of 20.
  • Four Photo Shoots. Yep. Four. I'm so thankful for all this business but my head is kind of spinning with all the communication, editing, sneak-peeks & purchasing. Hold me for a minute, please.
  • Granddad. This is the second time now that we were sure Granddad was dying. Friday morning, the nursing home called & said he had a 102 degree fever & he was taken to the emergency room. Friday night he had little to no blood pressure & nothing but blood was coming out of his kidneys. We all crowded around the bed, I cried for hours & we were sure he wouldn't be alive Saturday. Well, he's still here today & asked for breakfast this morning. The doctors are shocked & said he will continue to get these terrible infections but his prognosis depends on if we continue to give him the antibiotics to fight them & if he continues to have the will to do it. We are going to pursue Hospice after this infection so we know it won't be long until he gets another & he goes to be with Jesus but until then, we're keeping him comfortable & spending as much time with him as we can.
  • Visitors. Last week, a cousin I had not seen in years contacted me saying he was in Indianapolis visiting his mom. We've been together pretty much ever since then. Which is awesome since I didn't have a lot of help with moving out of my dorm from my family because of Granddad. Little Clark was there to help in a second. God's awesome like that. & today, my mom's cousin also came from South Carolina to visit Granddad. It's hoppin 'round here.
  • Moving Home. Im not sure if you know, but moving is a total pain. And that's the understatement of the century. & I have to do it twice a year. Pack up. move stuff home. organize. de-clutter. Kill Me.
I'm trying really, really hard to remain calm. But Friday night was not complete without a total breakdown in the hospital parking lot. Because of Granddad, because of all the stuff I have to do, because the one week of summer I have until I travel & start work is insane. Because whyyyy can't our life just ever be normal? 

But then, what is normal? I'm beginning to accept that this is our normal. And our normal is crazy.


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Aly @ Analyze This said...

Congrats on booking four photo shoots! That's awesome!! :)

Your words were so touching about your Granddad....I hope he is comfortable right now and enjoying his days with the people he loves the most.

If you're around town this summer, hit me up so we can get together!