Sunday, February 12, 2012

My 6,936th day on earth

Quick! Do the math!

Okay, okay I'll tell you ....

I'm 20 today!! 

 It's been a weekend of celebration over here so today is just a good extension of that.

Friday was the birthday dinner, last night was dinner, The Vow & some gorgeous roses and today is my family dinner and the special heart-shaped cake my mom makes for me every year.

I love this birthday thing!

& since I'm a sentimental sap, I pulled out my baby book last night to look at my very first day on earth.                                                                                 

My mom was only about 34 weeks pregnant with me when my heart rate just wouldn't do what the doctors wanted her to do so they had her coming in for tests really often.

She was standing at the stove making my dad breakfast when the doctor's office called and said her doctor hadn't been in the day before to see her test results when she was in but he was in that day and didn't like the looks of them.

 He wanted to deliver me right then.

She said mmmm .... no. And hung up the phone.

My dad asked her who was on the phone & what they said & she told him.

"AND YOU SAID NO??," he said.

Yep. She said no. It was too cold and he was studying for a test. They couldn't deliver me that day. Plus, I was too little.

Well he talked her into it and at 8 o'clock that night, I was born in all 4 pounds of my glory. 

The doctors said I wouldn't be like other kids .. I'd always be small ... incapable of doing things other kids could do. 

Well, here I am 20 years later! .... You decide!

Happy Birthday to Me!

My first ever birthday.



Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Ali!!! Have a wonderful day! You look the same as you did when you were a baby! :)

Beth Noblitt said...

Happy Birthday Ali!!!I remember the day you were born.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

happy birthday dear!

The Gambrel Family said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend.

Mrs. Mama said...

happy birthday dear!!!

Ashley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a special one - out of your teens!!! Hope this year is your most favorite yet!! Enjoy celebrating!

Sarah B. said...

Happy birthday, Ali! :)