Monday, February 27, 2012

The monthly gift

... that you'll love ...

A box sent to your house each month that includes 3 - 5 deluxe beauty samples (the mini sizes of the real things ... not the plastic packages of shampoo) picked especially for you based on the profile you fill out ... 

I can't remember exactly where or when I heard about Birchbox the first time but I remember it was a couple of years ago & I think it was in Glamour magazine. Yeah. Probably that. 

So anyway, I knew right away that Birchbox was meant for me but although $10 a month isn't much, $120 at once for a high school student (thats what I was then) is a lot. So even though I thought about taking the plunge often, I never actually did it.

Then, like everyone and their mom started talking about subscribing so I decided it was time because I can't let everyone have all the fun without me! And I decided it was time at the perfect moment because it was my birthday and my amazing cousin asked what I wanted. 

No, I didn't ask her for the 12 month subscription ... I asked for the three month one. You can do that. Actually, you can purchase a one, three, six or twelve month subscription.

So now, for the next three months, I can look forward to a little box coming once a month with adorable little samples inside just for me.

Kinda like these:

And then if I loooovvveeee something I get, I can purchase the big-girl size right off the website.

How amazing is that?

It's like going to Sephora and taking home five awesome, adorable samples each month except they come straight to your front door.

It's a lot of happiness for $10 and frankly, all you'd have to do is put one magazine a month back on the rack at Target (or read it while you're there) and skip one latte a month at Starbucks. 

I mean come on. Too easy ... Too fun.

Have I convinced you? 

If so, sign up here, say I recommended you & then you'll get your box & I'll get some points towards the big-girl sized products.

I'd love you forever if that happened!

But regardless if I get any points or not ... if you love makeup & skincare ... purchase this for yourself.

You won't regret it!



Carley said...

Birchbox=bliss! Gahhh!

The Gambrel Family said...

This sounds so fun! Who doesn't love getting stuff in the mail! Thanks for sharing.