Friday, February 17, 2012

The Gap.

Last night was for visiting my friend K and her little girl R in their adorable little apartment last night.

I've never gone to visit them before and I don't know why but that's about to change and quick. After visiting last night, I'm going to be visiting all.the.time.

I hit the literal 2-year-old-girl-awesomeness jackpot on the Target dollar rack the other day and R was thrilled with all the things I brought. She was even able to do the puzzle I brought with a little bit of help which I was both surprised by (because 2 year olds usually can't do 28 piece puzzles) and not surprised by (because she's always been a little genius).

I got there pretty late last night but R was still going strong hopping like a frog, doing summersaults and well, anything else that might get me to tell her how amazing she is.

K and I sat and talked in between telling R how amazing she is.

Well, K lives in an apartment right down the way from her mom which is super nice for her. While I was there, her mom came over and brought Valentines since she hadn't done it yet. It was a card for K and a card and a little package of M&M's for R.

R: "Mommy can I eat these tonight?"
K: "No, you can eat them tomorrow, you already had 3 cookies today."
R: "Yes mommy!"
K: "No. You can put them in your backpack and have them tomorrow."

Que pouting and then little R running down the hall, M&M's in hand, into her room & locking the door.

K just kind of looked at me and laughed and said, "being a parent is so hard because what's right is over here .... and what's easy is over here."

And at that moment? I was in love with how awesome of a mom she is. Because she recognizes that. 

She had worked 12 hours that day, picked up R & drove 30 minutes to her apartment to play with her before bed.

It would've been so easy to have just left R in her room & eat the maybe 10 M&M's in her little package.

But that wouldn't be right.

I think that moment will stick with me for a long time. I hope it does anyway - until I have kids.

I know these are all pretty out of focus, I desperately need a lens that's good for low light. So if anyone wants to help me out with that ... I won't be mad.


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ashley said...

aww I love little tykes! she is adorable and I love the approach her mommy takes.

and target dollar spot is amazing for little gifts for the little ones.