Monday, January 9, 2012

My 112 year old friend.

Last night I was laying in bed with this old girl and as I leaned down to kiss her head, I smelled the same old smell I've been smelling since she was a pup. Suddenly, I got all sentimental as I often do, and I started to think about the life we've had together. No, I'm not kidding.

One day when I was four years old, I came home from spending the night with my grandma to find that my mom & dad had gotten me a puppy - a fox terrier puppy. I was over the moon about our new family member.

When my mom asked what I wanted to name her, I said the only dog name I knew, Wishbone. 

Apparently that name wasn't good enough for my momma because she told me again that the puppy was a girl & asked again what I wanted to name her. So, I did what any four year old would do - I named her my best friend's name, Maggie.

For awhile, Maggie was totally in love with me. She slept with me when I was sick and played with me when I wasn't. But, then I got older and started pushing her around, so she found another companion - my mom. Now, she's totally my mom's baby.

My 20th birthday is coming up and I got Mags when I was four so that makes her 112 years old. We've gone in phases - friends, not friends, friends, not friends - but now? I think we love each other. Sure, she drives me insane because she's constantly whining & thinks she's a person, but she was my very first puppy, the only friend I've had since I was four.

Who knows how much longer Maggie will be around - more times than I can count, I've thought we were going to lose her but I'm so thankful to her for being an amazing puppy friend for almost 16 years.



Mrs. Mama said...

so sweet

Amanda said...

aaawww...I had a puppy from 5-19. Very long time for a large dog. He was part of the family. Warm warm memories.