Thursday, November 17, 2011

Things that don't work together Part 2.

I'll be honest, I wasn't that concerned when I spilled the water on my Mac. 

I only spilled a teeny tiny bit & what I did spill I wiped up with a napkin. The computer wouldn't come on but I thought it was probably just a minor glitch and sure, I'd be out maybe one or two hundred dollars which sucks but it was bearable. And nothing I could do about it after it happened anyway.

Well friends, that was before I walked into the godforsaken Apple store.

I had already made an appointment so it was smooth sailing in the beginning. I plastered a smile on my face and tried to be as optimistic as I could hoping it would cause them to be optimistic too. 

But then I got transferred to a girl. 

Now you know me, I'm all about women being awesome but I also know a man probably would have helped me more. 

So this lady, all chippery & wide-eyed and freakin busy tailed goes, "Okay, well we can certainly take a look at the damage you have but I can tell you we do charge a flat rate of 750 for water damage."

I felt like someone had just kicked a soccer ball at my face.

"750 dollars?" I asked.

"Yes mam." Still all happy and stuff.

I could feel the back of my eyeballs start stinging but I was like, I'm not gonna let myself cry here. No way, no how. 

So then I got transferred to another girl to look at the inside of the computer for me. She came back and told me there was corrosion on the inside and it would, indeed, be $750 to fix it. She must've seen the tears welling up in my eyes because she said, "I'm really sorry, I wish there was something I could do." bullshit I started crying. hard. I couldn't hold it back anymore. She asked me if I was going to be okay and I said yes, thank you and walked out of the overcrowded Apple store crying like a little baby knowing that with $750 I could nearly buy a new computer.

As soon as I left I called my mom crying so hard I could barely talk. 

In typical mom fashion, she knew a guy who's a computer guru and asked him what we could do, if anything. He suggested the Mac Experience. So, off I drove to the other side of Indianapolis. 

By the time I got there, I had calmed down and was just pissed. I told the guy I simply wanted to know if he could fix my computer for less than $750. 

He took my computer back, opened it up, said there was no corrosion like Apple had said (assholes) and he thought the power button was just shorted out and it would be about $200 to fix it.

The smile on my face. Oh the smile on my face.

I told him to order the part please, said thank you, and ran out into the parking lot doing backhandsprings.

Well, not really but I wanted to. 

So moral of the story? The Apple people are jerks and will rip you off so you if you need Mac help, you should find an independent dealer.

And also? Keep water away from your computers.

The two don't mix.



Unknown said...

i'm so glad you got that worked out! still sucks to have to shell out a chunk of change like that, but shoot. $200 sounds a whole lot better that $750.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

My friends Dad owns the Mac Experience store! Did you go to the one in Castleton by Ovation?!

I'm sooo glad they can fix it for cheaper!!!

Sarah B. said...

$750 is a ridiculous price! I would have broken down crying in the store too. So glad you were able to find an independent company to fix it or SO much less. I'm sure your wallet is glad too! I'm dreading the day something happens to my Mac.