Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Mine but His.

Happy Monday, Friends!

Want to talk about the makings of a boring weekend? Okay ... I'll tell you the ingredients. Here we go ...

- A pinch of sinus congestion for multiple days prior to the end result
- A dash of a fever
- An eyeballed amount of chest congestion.

Let bake for a couple days at about 98 degrees farenheit and there you have it my friends ...


So yeah, most of my weekend was spent in bed or on the couch. I probably needed that little break though, as much as laying around makes me mad. 

After 2 days of laying around, I really needed to get out & church last night was the answer.

We have a small church close by to Butler that really caters to the younger crowd called Common Ground so my friend & I went last night. 

While the preacher was talking, something he said made me think about how great I am at patting myself on the back for all of the seemingly great things I do. I'm always telling myself I'm doing a great job of juggling things, of being proactive about my education and future.

But the truth of the matter is? I have literally done nothing to get where I am. 

If it weren't for God, I wouldn't even be on this earth. I mean obviously, my parents had a hand in this whole getting me here thing but nobody said what they were doin' had to work. It was God.

Along with patting myself on the back for the good things I do, I'm really good about asking God for things. 

"Oh God, please let this interview go well" or ... "God, please help me do well on this test"

and then when he actually does it? I'm like doing roundhouse kicks and high-fiving myself for being so totally awesome

Last night was a great reminder that I have done nothing to be where I'm at right now and this week, I'm going to work on thanking God for the awesome things he's doing in my life, not thanking myself. 

This week, I would challenge you to try to be a little bit better in whatever aspect it may be. 

Be a little kinder, slow down a little bit, eat healthier, or stop to thank God for the awesome things he's doing.

and until next time, love. 



ashley said...

Oh no! Hope you're feeling better. Being sick is NOT* fun- I tend to get the bug during summer (which sucks- who wants to be sick when you can be by the pool or playing outside?)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Get well soon sweetie. God is amazing isn't He? I'm guilty of always ask from Him. Thanks for the reminder that we need to give thanks for everything He has done. Have a happy week

Sarah B. said...

Sorry to hear your bronchitis had you down and out for most of the weekend. Glad to hear you made it out to church night though! God's pretty awesome. I too need to remember that He's the one deserving of the high-fives and not myself. Thanks for the reminder! :)

Amanda said...

Great words. I hope you're feeling better. Bronchitis will get you down! Take care of it so it doesn't turn into pneumonia, I'm speaking from experience