Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedding Special

Have any of you guys watched the Kim Kardashian Wedding Special?


Is this girl serious?? Could it be any more obvious that she's marrying Kris for the attention? Geemanychristmas! 

They were fighting at the rehearsal, she didn't change her name for "business reasons", she didn't want Kris to see her cry because he'd never seen it before ..... 

It's just weird. I don't know why they would even show it when it's so freakin obvious!

However, if you watched it, did you also see how amazingly sweet Bruce is? That guy is seriously a saint. I can't imagine putting up with one of those women let alone 4. And he's so sweet about it.

Love him. 

What are your thoughts about it? The same as mine? I don't know how they could be any different, but if they are ... I'd love to know!  



Unknown said...

I don't follow the Kardashians. Kim annoys me anyhow!
I wanted to leave you some blog love! :)

Unknown said...

i ADORE bruce and khloe. i could watch those two non-stop, but this wedding was not on the top of my "to watch" list. i honestly don't understand what is going on with her hair/head situation.

however... she is stunning no matter what.


Michael said...

I think its ridiculous that she is getting the attention she wants. You watching this nonsense is exactly what Kim is going for. We all know you and a gazillion others will be glued to it as soon as the next episode airs lol.
Secondly, Bruce is one hell of a guy to say the least. I mean come on he was an olympic gold medalist so that speaks for itself. But to stay married to Kris and adore her as he does... That is love. She is just so selfish and mean to him sometimes but he is truly a good guy. Proof that we do exist. I promise.