Tuesday, September 27, 2011


As soon as I arrived home last weekend, my mom asked if I had checked my dresser yet. 

I hadn't, but when I did I found two restaurant.com coupons. 

My mom loves restaurant.com because you can usually score some really great deals for local restaurants. Sometimes they're for places you might not try out otherwise, or places you couldn't afford.

The coupons she got me were for an Istanbul Cafe & the Circle Center Bar and Grille. 

I decided today would be a good day to use one of them, so I asked Drew if he would like to go to dinner on me tonight. 

Of course, he said yes so after my classes were over, we headed off to the Istanbul Cafe for Pita & Hummus. Remember? I love it. and so does my ass.

The catch with these coupons is that usually, you have to spend a minimum amount and the alcohol and tip isn't included. (not that I'm old enough to drink, but it might be important info for you)

This particular coupon was a $25 coupon that my mom probably paid $5 or $10 for and it was only valid with a minimum $50 purchase.

Since it was just the two of us, we started working hard spending that $50 right off the bat. 

First, we got the pita & hummus and o.m.g. seriously out of this world. 

Hot pita + Cold hummus = Heaven.

I wanted a gyro so Drew decided he'd order a $26 platter to make up the difference. 

McDreamy Who?? Look at this guy! 

We were nearly in food comas when the waiter came back & I handed the coupon to him. 

"This isn't us, this is downtown", he said. 

So basically, we had a great dinner, in a lovely atmosphere, but I paid 26-freakin-dollars for Drew's meal all because we thought we had to spend $50 (and I'm a college student. My allowance from my dad is $25 a week.)

The waiter walked away and to make light of the conversation Drew said, "well that's some Istan-bullshit". and after spitting out my water, I had to agree. 

Yes, Yes it was.

Apparently, there are 2 Istanbul Cafes. 

Moral of the story? If you ever buy a restaurant.com coupon, which I totally recommend, check the address. 

I learned my lesson but Hey! at least we got some good pictures out of it! 

(ps. Drew did offer to pay for his but I was not about to let him to do that when I asked him to dinner and I was the one who made the mistake.)


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K said...

I would have been so annoyed! But that would be totally something that I would have done. Sorry you lost out on $, but at least you had a nice dinner!