Monday, September 26, 2011

Dr. Mc Dreamy

I've been having back issues for quite sometime now and it seems that over time, it's just gotten worse. I've tried not exercising for 10 days, taking prescription Advil, using a heating pad 3 x's a day and more, but I still haven't found much relief. 

I have been seeing a chiropractor since the summer and haven't seen much result. I remember one time I went in & said, "oh, I think my back is terrible today!" because I was in so much pain and he said I was perfect. 

The last time I went, I asked him to tell me what I should do. Should I be going to see a physical therapist? How often should I come to him? etc. and basically, he was like well, you can see one if you want & come to me whenever you're home. 

Thanks for nothin dude. 

So, I knew of another chiropractor in town who a lot of my friends have gone to & seen great results with. 

I decided to give it a shot.

The last guy I went to is kinda old, kinda overweight, pretty unattractive and just uses a pin with a bunch of force pushed into different points to adjust. I never really felt anything.

Well what a change this was! I walked into the office of the 2nd chiro on Friday and met my first, "Dr. Mc Dreamy". 

He did his little assessment in which he gently rubbed up and down my back finding all of the "problem areas" which I think I would purposely create if I could, now

He found them, gave me a little pat on the back and said we were going to another room.

The other room? The chair. You know, where you lay back and the chiro twists you until you pop like 15 times in places you never thought you would? 

Yeah, that. 

So, he did a little work and then? AND THEN? he told me to lay on my side, put one arm underneath me, and the other on top, wrapped around me and whispered, "there ya go, just like that" and I popped approximately 35 times, but it didn't matter.

because dang.

I left feeling great, and proud of myself for this new choice of doctors. 

I felt great until I babysat Saturday night and didn't put the baby down the whole time because he was that cute.

But the pain is worth it because, I feel a need for an adjustment coming on


Miss Chelsea said...

I think I feel a crick in my back now that you mention it

Casey said...

Hahaha!! I have a chiropractor like that!! We could actually have the same Dr. Mc Dreamy!!!

littlemissundomestic said...

haha cute! guess that pain isnt as bad now huh?

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Hahaha!!! Cute chiropractors are the BEST!!!!

Now what is the name of this doctor?! LOL