Saturday, August 20, 2011


I know nobody really reads blogs on the weekends (or at least that's how it seems around here) but I want to write this down while I'm thinking about it. Even if no one reads it or finds it thought provoking, I'll be glad to look back on this on tough days.

I'm a planner. 

I'm always planning what I'm doing tomorrow, next week or even next year. Heck, I start thinking about Christmas gifts in July.

 I'm always thinking ahead. 

And while sometimes that's a good thing,  there are a lot of not so good things that come along with the trait too. 

Since I'm always planning, I'm also always worrying. I lose things because I'm constantly thinking about what I'm going to do next & I have meltdowns way before there should ever even be a worry. 

The worst part? I miss out on the now a lot.

 I can't even tell you how many times I've looked back on an event & thought about how lucky I was to have been in that spot & how much I took it for granted or how much more I should have enjoyed it. 

The trip I took to Washington D.C. with Young Leaders in Congress my senior year of high school was just one of those times.

But today, everything has been put in perspective for me. 

There have been certain events (which will remain nameless) lately that have made me realize just how much I really want to do, how many opportunities I have & how great the now truly is.

I wish I had some great ending to sum up this entire post but really, all I have is this: 

There is no way to get this day back, ever. 

There is no way to get any day back, ever. 

I think we should all question ourselves everyday:

 Am I living the way I want to live? 

Am I using all of my resources and gifts? 

Am I making too big of a deal out of small things? 

Am I treating people the way I want them to remember me treating them? 

& on top of that, slow down, breathe deeper, listen longer & love.

because life is short, and it can change so quickly. 

Time is of the essence.



kenli said...

i read on the weekends :)

and i totally agree with you. i've been feeling like this a lot lately - as hard as it might be. i'm glad "things" all worked themselves out and know you can always get ahold of me no matter what!

i'm being a bad responder today, though, i'm home with the brothers. i promise we will have a good chat asap!

love you, doll!

yourmorninglory said...

i wonder if it is the time of year,the state or our world or our ages but i feel like i have been much more aware of trying to focus on me and the now and less on the superficial things...thank you for the post :)