Friday, August 19, 2011

My First Ever Edition Of .....

Lately .... 
I've been reading: "The Help". I haven't read much lately because it takes discipline and I haven't had much of that lately. I mean, I've been in this dorm room alone for like 4 days & since no one is on campus, it's been very lonely. Therefore, I've spent lots of time on Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest & Blogger & anything else I can find because right now, reading is too quiet, if that makes sense. But soon, I'll have a roommate & things wont' be lonely & I can read. I'm excited about "The Help" I've heard rave reviews.

I've been watching: Well, I've been watching anything I can find on Netflix & Hulu because Ashley is bringing the T.V. & she doesn't come until Sunday. I've watched "You Again" and "The Bachelor Pad" in the last week. Sad.

I've been listening to: "Everything Tonight" by Ne-yo & Pitbull. I never listen to this stuff but the beat is just so good & I'm lovin it.

I've been wearing:I've actually been dressing up for this bootcamp I've been doing. Yesterday, I had to interview some people so I dressed up a lot with a black high waisted skirt, a black tank, a grey sweater & black wedges. 

I've been eating:Everything terrible but I promise, I'm going to start calorie counting today because it's gotten out of hand. Wednesday night I hate a Blate (Blogger Date) at Bella Vita & yesterday at the conference we had Panera bagels for breakfast, pizza for lunch & then I went to 2 sister's cafe for dinner & Red Mango for dessert. It's time to seriously cut back.

I've been buying: The most recent purchase I made was an Aveda product & one of the things I'm giving away next week. Well, and dinner.

I've been loving:Don't get me wrong, I do like alone time & I've been loving it, I'm just ready for Ashely to get here. I've been loving having my own space even if it's not where I want it decor-wise yet. I've been loving meeting new people & getting inspired for the new year.

I've been wanting:ASHLEY TO GET HERE!!! Also, I want my mom to get the Infinity QX 56. Every time I see one, I'm in love. I know I certainly won't be getting one, so the next best thing is for her to get one that I can ride in & maybe even drive.

There ya go, ladies! My first ever addition of "Lately". Are there any topics I missed? If so, let me know! I wanna hit them all! 

Happy Friday! Have a happy weekend! 


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Jessica said...

I LOVE "Everything Tonight". It gets me in the greatest mood.

I want to see the movie "The Help".
Or... I could read the book. They say it's alwys better!

James and Jax blog said...

I love this post! It's inspired me to do one, too! :)