Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So What Wednesday!

I used to do "So What Wednesday" a lot but then I kinda fell of the wagon because I didn't think I had much to say so what to. However, Chelsea always has great ones that I enjoy reading so I'm linking up with Life After I Dew & trying it once again! 

So What If .... 

I schedule massages for myself about once a month. It's something I love, that makes me feel great & I don't have too many bills right now so I can do it! 

When it comes time to go back to the daycare & see my babies after the weekend, I seriously can't wait. I'm with them so much, I almost feel like they're mine!

I told the kids I babysat yesterday that if they asked me one more question I was going to poke my eyeballs out .... I was honestly considering it. 

I've been hanging out with a girl who's only going to be a Sophomore in high school next year, a lot lately. She's awesome & I seriously feel like she's more mature than me! Plus, she lives next door so it's super convenient to go on evening walks or have her come over to see things I'm excited about! I feel really lucky to have such a great neighbor.

I'm the girl who everyone goes to to "talk". People never text me saying, "Oh my gosh!! let's party soon!!" It's always, "Let's hang out, I really need a good talk". Sometimes I resent that but I think maybe it's a good thing.

I went back to a boy's room with him at Butler last weekend & then told him I'd beat him up if he touched me & made him sleep in a different bed than me. Ha! I just wanted to sleep & didn't want any of the nonsense he probably was hoping for.



Miss Chelsea said...

Hah I love that you threatened him, that's hilarious... good for you for setting him straight!

Also, you're too sweet... thanks for the shoutout =)

Shannon Dew said...

oooh I'm totes jelly of your massages!!! i WISH!!!