Monday, June 13, 2011


"Don't walk anywhere alone at night"

"Never let a friend go home alone from a party"

"You never know what could happen"

I've heard all of these things a hundred times & then some but I, just like so many others, have wanted to leave a party early & not wanted my friends to have to leave too. 

I have told other girls not to walk me back because I would be fine. 

I've pleaded with them that they stay while I walked back.

I've done it & so have so many others.

I never think anything will happen.

It's rare that anything happens to anyone. Most of the time the girl ends up in her bed within a few minutes. 

But every once in a while, she doesn't. Every once in a while, a girl ends up missing, her parents send out search teams, put out ransom money & beg the world to keep searching until she's found. & when that happens, it rocks us to our core.

Lauren Spierer is the girl that didn't make it back to her bed. She's the girl who was the target of a malicious person on a night that was probably fun; a night she probably thought she'd keep tucked away in her memory.

Her parents are searching for her along with so many others & the whole nation is rocked.

Is she dead or alive? We don't know. What we do know is that the lives of everyone who knew her are forever changed.

I can't believe I stood outside the very apartments she never came back to at IU just a couple months ago with not a care in the world. Little did I know, hundreds of people would be searching for a missing girl there today.

I never knew Lauren, but she's every college student I do know. She's me. She's my friends. She could be anyone.

I may not go to Bloomington to help find her because honestly, I'm not sure I could live if I did, but I don't want her story to die. Talking about it is the least I can do.

Keep your eyes open. 

Elizabeth Smart was found walking on the street by someone passing who remembered her face & reported it. Lauren could be in the same situation. Remember her face, remember her name & don't rule anything out. 

If you have any information, report it. 

Do anything you can to #findlauren

Lauren Spierer 
20 yrs. old
90 - 100 lbs

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