Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer is in full swing!

Summer is in full swing here at our house now. The AC is on because the temperature outside went from an average of like 55 to one of around 80 within a week, the house is mostly quiet until around 11 & the nights are long & filled with friends.

I can't believe how different this summer already is than the previous ones. A good different. Something about going away to college has made me appreciate down time & time spent with my girlfriends so much more.

I've spent every day this week by the pool with my friend, Morgan, just talking about anything & everything there is to talk about & my nights have been spent with friends or like last night, Kyle & I were both in mom's room hanging out while she was changing out her winter/summer clothes.

It's things like that, that I love.

Just hanging out with my family.

This morning, I got up early for a class at the gym with my friend Nikki & now I'm quickly pounding this out before I head back to the pool at Morgan's.

Life is just so good. Summer is my favorite time of all. 

& with so many awesome things to do & people to hang out with, I may not be blogging as much as I was during school.

Blogging became a routine during the school year, but sometimes it's hard to just sit down & write with so much going on.

I'll still be here a couple of times a week, don't you worry, but I definitely won't be posting every day.

There's too much sun & fun to be had to be inside blogging!

Before I head out in the sun, I want to leave you with some pictures from Kyle's graduation party at his house & also a list of things that are awesomesauce. The writer of Hanging with Dad made a list of things that are awesomesauce & asked for people to join in. Don't mind if I do, thank you!

Awesomesauce is ....

  • laying by the pool with girlfriends
  • sitting in the driveway at night with neighbors
  • Weight-Watchers ice cream bars
  • Jet Skis & the lake
  • Going out to dinner with good company
  • sleeping in & waking up without an alarm
  • a good, hard workout
  • my new bike!!!
  • my fixed rollerblades!!!
  • good music
  • outdoor concerts
  • a good book
  • not needing makeup because a tan is the prettiest makeup of all
  • cookouts
& some graduation party pictures ... 

The graduate.

Some friends at the party & his friend James who he lives with on the right.

Not sure who the girl is but the guy on the left is Nick, Kyle's other roommate.

Happy Summer, All!



Anonymous said...

Love your awesomesauce list! (And I totally love that word!!!)

And your post has made me seriously miss being young and having those summers for stuff like that! Enjoy it for me!

Leah said...

I'm so glad your summer is off to a good start! It certainly sounds like you're having fun. :) I start summer classes and a new job Monday, so I'm afraid it won't feel much like summer to me after that..haha! I'll just have to come read your posts to experience summer vicariously!