Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sick Day!

I haven't had much inspiration to write this week, since we had classes on Monday & then Tuesday & yesterday were "ice days. & today? I'm sick.

Being sick at school is really awful. No momma to rub my back or make food for me or bring me water. It's just tough, man. I guess I should get used to it since I probably won't be living with her ever again but I've been spoiled for 18 years & this doin it on my own thing is not fun.

The first ice day was fun, I spent the entire day on the futon of my friend's room watching movies & talking. We went out that night & apparently had a little too much fun because I may or may not have fallen down the stairs of a frat house. Holy back bruises is all I have to say.

We didn't wake up until about 12:30 yesterday, ordered pizza & then I spent the day doing homework. Well, writing a paper for my class, "The History of Gettysburg". yeeaaahhhh. Gag me. But I finished it.

Today, I only had one class & I was supposed to babysit but I opted out of class today since I knew that I would be sneezing the whole time & since I ran out of Kleenex's, I'd also be using Napkins to sneeze into. Embarrassing. The kid I babysit was sick today too so it wasn't too inconvenient for me to not go, thankfully.

Despite being sick, I still have a crap-ton of homework to do. So, if you need me, you can find me underneath a pile of books & Kleenex's.

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