Thursday, February 24, 2011

Room 302

I'm so excited to share my first ever guest-blogger with you, one of my best friends, Jessie from Lovers Lane! She has only recently started blogging because it was a class assignment, but I think she's a natural! I love the way she writes & I think you will too!


When I made the choice to go to Butler University, I was taking a huge risk.  Only one fellow classmate from my high school was going to Butler, and we weren’t very close friends.  This meant I would be shoved into a whole new world filled with thousands of people I had never met.  Oh, and try to become friends with them.
Did I mention I also didn’t know my roommate?  
Long story short, my roommate and I quickly became besties.  I also hit it off with the girl next door, Ali, who is the inspiration for this post.
Upon meeting Ali, I quickly discovered that her mom’s maiden name is mine, Munn.  How ironic?  I had literally never met (let alone heard of) ANYONE with my same last name.   Small world eh?
Ali and I began to realize we had a multitude of commonalities between ourselves.   
We both had long-term relationships.  
We both had lived with single moms.  
We both like power walking.  
We both like crafting.  
We both are worrywarts.  
We both laugh at ourselves when no one else will.
Who would have thought I would have found such a great friend in Room 302?  & honestly it was exactly what I needed.  I wasn’t exactly popular in high school, & have always had a way of losing good friends.  So, coming to college and instantly making lifelong friends was a blessing.  God knew exactly what I was worried about, & he answered my prayers.
& did I mention Ali and I are "cousins"?  Can’t you see the resemblance?


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Kenli said...

So stinkin' cute! I'm definitely going to check out her blog :) I kind of feel like I missed out on part of college not living in the dorms at all, but hopefully once it's not negative nine billion degrees out I can hang around campus more! You guys definitely do look alike!