Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So What Wednesdays!

Check out Shannon at "Life after I Dew" ... because if she's awesome enough to come up with this, she must be pretty freakin' cool.



-  I deleted someone from Facebook today & they know it. If you're not gonna be nice, you can't play. Period.

- I Sometimes I really resent buying birthday gifts. I think everyone does, they just don't admit it.

-  I crave adventure (didn't I say that last week? Yeah well it's still here.)

- I Wear my heart on my sleeve. At least I care.

- I Am now addicted to the Bachelor

- I Can sometimes be found looking at baby clothes at Target, not because I want a baby right now, just because I think it's fun to dream

-  it took all I had not to take the last swig of wine that was left in the bottom of the bottle last night when I was babysitting.

-  I don't know what I'm gonna do for money this summer yet - time will tell!

Happy Wednesday, Lovies! What are you saying So What to?

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tara @ the every things said...

i deleted someone from facebook too! haha