Sunday, January 2, 2011

If I were a rich girl ...

If I were a rich girl, I would be redecorating constantly.

There are like 20 different things I'd like to be when I grow up, and one of them is an interior designer. I love feeling good about the space I'm in wether it be a teeny-tiny dorm room or a whole freakin' house. From laying out the design, to painting, to searching Target for the one last thing that will bring the whole room together, I love it.

I still have 2 more weeks of break left and kinda worried about having so much free time, so I've been joking that I was just gonna start painting rooms. I would seriously do it if my mom wouldn't kill me & she really would. I don't really have the funds to redo my room right now anyway.

So last night, I sat down & found all of the things I would put in my re-done room, if I was a rich girl.

I would start off with creamy-tan walls.

and this furniture:

and this bedding: 

this stuff would be in the room too, because the room would have a sitting area, obviously:

These would be hanging on the wall on either side of the bed, next to the matching bedside tables:

This would also be in the room, cuz a girl's gotta know what she looks like!:

And last but definitely not least, these (in different frames) would be in there, along with lots of other special touches:

So there ya go folks, my dream room! 

** I only posted the links for the Etsy prints, because I felt they were the most important. I can't get it to copy & paste links so I have to do it manually. Big pain in the a**. So, the furniture is Pottery Barn, the duvet is Crate & Barrel, the sheets are Anthropology, the mirror is Crate & Barrel and the lighting is Pottery Barn. **


Megan said...

I love it all! I feel like our styles are super similar. If I were to sit down and design my dream room, I'd have picked out nearly the same type of furniture and prints haha

Ali said...

I love it Megs! maybe we should just move in together? ha! Oh and, if you plan on doing this, save a lot of free time. This took me 4 hours ha! I had to make sure everything was perfect.

Lauren Almdale said...

ooooo, so cute! i absolutely love the bedding. and in case you missed my reply over at my blog, the site for ashley's blog is
i would never want to deprive you of this goodness.

Ali said...

Oh thanks Lo!