Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back the Eff Up Dude.

Mess with my mama, mess with me. Seriously. Don't eff with her, or I'll eff with your face. 

Somebody hurt her feelings today and consequently, I wanted to tear his face off and send him a text that said something like ...

Hey Dude ... you messed with the wrong person's mama. You're gonna have a really lonely life if you're such an a** hole to everyone all of the time. GROW UP! 

This guy? He's my cousin. And he's a grown man. And he's rude and immature. 

He asked me to go to Holiday World with one of my other cousins and him one day this summer. I woke up that day to a black sky and thunder. No way I was going. I called him to tell him and I just got a huffy, "WE'RE GOING!" So I cried. I didn't want to go. And I certainly didn't want to spend my day in a car because we drove there in the storm like idiots and the park was closed. Finally, my mom called for me and said I wouldn't be going.

Needless to say, he was pissed. 

My mom tried to call him on Thanksgiving, no response. She tried to call on Christmas, no answer. She even sent a gift to him for Christmas and while he took the gift, he told my uncle that he had "written my mom off".

My mom is one of the sweetest, most compassionate women out there and for him to be a jerk for no reason makes my bear claws come out. NOT OKAY.

But, I decided that calling or texting him would do no good, so I'd do him one up and not say anything at all.

So I'm ranting to you guys.


But I have some happy news!

I'm going to dance in Butler University's 2011 Dance Marathon that supports Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

The hospital is a great place for sick kids - a place that commits to help them, no matter what their financial situation is. 

What better way to help than to dance in honor of the kids who can't? 

However, I need to raise $150 in order to participate.

So if you feel led to help a really awesome cause, you can visit my fundraising page

The kids thank you and so do I!


Megan said...

It is SO HARD to do the mature thing and keep your mouth shut in situations like that! Especially when someone you love was treated so badly. So I'm very proud of you for being the bigger person in this situation.

Also, I absolutely lovelovelove that you'll be participating in the Dance Marathon for Riley! My 18-year-old sister was born with spina bifida and, as a result, has gone through over 15 major operations in her life... meaning we've been up at Riley a LOT. The majority of my childhood memories took place at that hospital; it was literally like a second home to my family for so many years. We still make regular trips up there! So seeing any cause in support of Riley puts a HUGE smile on my face. Thanks times a million to you and all the other dancers participating.

Ali said...

Youre so sweet Megs! My cousin was born with Spina Bifida also. So while I can't say that I spent most of my childhood there, I've been there a lot of times. She also has been through lots of surgeries. She has a shunt and everything. Riley has saved her life over and over again and we're thankful for that. What would we do without Riley?

Megan said...

It's the exact same situation with my sister! They are a pretty wonderful place, huh? :) What's your cousin's name, out of curiosity? My sister has met tons of other girls with SB over the years. That would be cool if they knew each other somehow!

Anonymous said...

ahh. it is so hard when family members are rude to your parents! i've been through this with my mom before, and it makes me so angry! i think it's almost worse when it's a family member, because they should be nicer than strangers!!