Thursday, January 6, 2011

I think I'm in love ....

You know, I never really thought I could be in love with him, I never even thought I'd really like him. But, despite my doubts, here I sit, just 10 days after our first encounter, totally, completely, madly in love. He's not very big, but I'm okay with that. He has more of a square figure than anything, and I'm okay with that too. 

Let me introduce you to him ... his name is Brita. 

Isn't he handsome? I think so too. 

My mom has had this crazy obsession with Dasani water bottles for the last 2 or 3 years - maybe even more. She would watch the sales and go anywhere that she could find cases of water for $4 that week. She'd by 2 or 3 cases and we'd go through them in a week. We didn't always drink everything that was in the bottles, and often times I'd find my car and our house infested with empty bottles. We took the trash out all of the time. But, we had water bottles readily available, damn it.

My brother, Mr. Green himself, has been on mom for a while now to switch to a Brita pitcher and just carry a water bottle instead. She hadn't done it by Christmas, so naturally, Kyle bought her a Brita, some filters and a water bottle too. She wasn't stoked.

10 days ago, I picked that baby up, filled it and put in the refrigerator, ready for the next taker. Needless to say, it hasn't taken me long to totally fall in love.

I was already completely enamored with my Camelback water bottle, so I got Kyle one for Christmas (which he apparently didn't like, because he left it here) and Kyle got one for mom because he said his girlfriend had one and loved it. She hasn't taken to hers yet either.  So, I currently have 3 Camelback water bottles sitting around the house filled up with filtered water. Whenever I walk by, I take a drink.

Not only have I increased my water intake, but we don't have plastic water bottles sitting all over the house. We don't have to take the trash out nearly as often, so we've saved money on trash bags AND water bottles. DOUBLE WIN. And most importantly, we're helping the environment by not creating bigger landfills with our poor decisions.

If you haven't already, consider a Brita pitcher and a Camelback water bottle. You will increase your water intake and help the environment too. What could be better?

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Bridget said...

i need a brita!!! i am sick of drinking water from my tap!