Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Monday!

Good Morning Bloggers! 

Mondays were so much easier when class didn't start until 10. This 8 a.m. stuff is for the birds man. 

Regardless, I had a really, really awesome weekend & I wanna share it with you! 


Drew & I had a date night. We hung out with our friend Logan who goes here also & then we went to the Butler vs. Green bay game, which Butler won!! It was a super fun game.

Also, somewhere in the midst of this basketball season, my dad decided that texting me


meant that he had great school spirit & is really supportive.
I also think that he thinks "Dee Dawgs" is like a chant we say here at BU.

I'm never gonna tell him that um hello, never in the history of my Butler career have I said "Dee Dawgs" because it's just too darn funny when I get those texts on basketball game nights.

After the game, we came back to the dorm & fell asleep. 

Pretty lame actually, but we were both so tired - he had 6 a.m. workouts that morning & I'd had a really long week.


Saturday morning, I got up & went to a 90 minute spin class that was UH-MAZING.

 Then, I drove for like 30 minutes trying to find Taco Bell (I know totally defeats the workout) and then did laundry at Marian, Drew's college.
 Laundry here is $3 a load. 
But it's free at Marian. 

After the laundry, I came back here & Jessie & I got ready to go out. While we were getting ready, Emily came in and asked if she could go out with us too. So, off we all went! 

 Emily. Jessie. Me.

We met up with our friends Ashley and Kelsea & went to the Football House first. 

Ashley & I

The funniest story of the night was this: 

My friend Logan said that if I went up to the guy at the bar & flirted with him, he would give me a drink. So, off I went. 
I walked up to this guy who was not attractive and said Hi, What's your name?
He looked at me, unamused, and in all seriousness said,
"Just cut to the chase, I know you just want a drink." 
True story dude.
Not interested in the least.

After the Football House, we made our way to the Baseball House which was way more fun. 
I saw a bunch of friends there and we all danced, sang along with the songs and left happy. 

I lost my student I.D. which was $20 to replace, but it was all in good fun.

LOVE my girls!!

Me. Jessie. Emily. Ashley. Kelsea


The morning came way too quickly today!!

I had to meet my mom halfway between here & home to get money because, while I lost my ID, I also lost my Debit Card a couple of days ago. Therefore, I only had about $35 to my name today & I had gas to get & an ID to buy. Even though it was early, it was nice to see my momma at the end of a long week.

THEN, I met 3 super awesome, Indianapolis-based, bloggers for lunch!!! Aly planned the little luncheon at the Cheesecake factory with Becky, the smallest Stoneking, Elli, and Sarah.  We talked so much that the waitress came a few times before we were even ready to order. It was really awesome to be able to meet 3 really great women. 

The blog world rocks.

After lunch, I went to the campus police dept. to get a new I.D. and then napped and did the normal Sunday night stuff, homework & cleaning. 

Hope you all had just as much fun as I did this weekend and are pumped for a fabulous week!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are loving school and having so much fun! I also love reading your blog and always feeling updated on your life! Love your fav cousin morg