Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Grown-Up Christmas List

I'd love to post about what I'm giving everyone for Christmas, because after all, that's my favorite part, but everyone reads my blog that I'm buying for.

So, in that case, I will just make a post of things that I would love to see underneath the Christmas tree.

1.) Hunter Boots in Black High Gloss

2. Some cute little socks for them

3. New Mizunos
4. Sweaters of all kinds

5. I seriously wrote, "Target's long & lean tank in every color you can find" on my list

& for good reason.
It's the perfect tank for layering.

6. A Hardcover for my Mac
7. Belkin i-pod armband
8. Comfy pants that don't look trashy

(not these - the JCPenny version will do)

9.Victoria's Secret Goodies - the 3 for $30 lacy is my favorite - but only a Christmas thing. Too much for a college girl's budget!

10. Bobby Brown cream eye-shadows

(Santa, you can leave the blue at the store.)

There ya go!! I don't expect to see all of these things under the tree - but a handful would be nice. What are you asking Santa for?


Kellie said...

AH! I want Hunter boots too. Ps, you're adorable :)

Amanda said...

pssstttt...and even better layering tank is the Target Liz Lange maternity ones!

Love the boots :)