Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little eyes are watching ... WHAT?

Some of you who have been reading my blog for a while, or maybe even those who haven't been (because really I don't even know how much I talk about this), know that I love kids. & because I love kids, babysitting is the job I have chosen for myself throughout high school and now college too.

I've had the privilege of spending time in the shoes of so many different parents from lots of different families. Different families do things different ways, and because I've spent time in such diverse families, I feel like I have a compilation of things I'd like to do with my own children. Ways I'd like to raise them, if you will. Although I know there is no way I can ever be prepared for the ridiculously difficult task that is being a mom, I think I maybe have a bit of a head start.

That said, tonight while I was babysitting, I made an observation, and I think it's important for you parents of small children to know for the future and for parents of TV watching age children to pay more attention to.

Are you ready? It's earth-shattering, Really .... ok .... drum role ......


Whew. Glad I got that off my chest. But seriously, it's awful. icarly? is ishitty. Do we seriously wonder why our nation has a bullying issue?

O.M.G. they're like so cool.

When I see icarly showing some "cool girls" walking along the street and a "nerd" riding up on his bike while the girls role their eyes and snicker, I want to vomit.

As expected, one of the kids I was babysitting said, "oh my gosh, he is such a dork," and "what a nerd". I wanted to stand in front of the T.V. and say I THINK HE'S REALLY COOL and then give a big lecture on how being unique is awesome. I resisted the urge, but I've seen what happens to the "cool" kids and what happens to the "nerds" and I can say that while I don't want my kid to get made fun of, I'd rather him be a "nerd" a hundred times over. The "nerds" are usually the cool kids in the end.

The attitude that pours out of the mouth of these "teenage role models" is disgusting & if I was a parent right now? The answer to icarly would be absolutely not. Or maybe I'd let them watch it once just so I could give a good long lecture about it.

I just hope that parents are thinking about the ideas that are being jotted down on the blank note-pad that is the minds of their little kids. The ideas can make or break. They can be good or bad & I promise you, the ideas that are coming from Nickelodeon are not ones I'd want my kids storing in their sweet little heads.

Ok. Off my soapbox now.


Megs said...

You are SO right, Ali. It's ridiculous, some of the concepts and ideas that children absorb right under their unsuspecting parents' noses. So many people assume that just because it's on a "kid's" network like Nickelodeon or Disney that it's a safe, wholesome show. Parents really need to monitor what their children watch more closely. I've seen a lot of this at my own house, having two baby sisters... Even though the older one is only 3, she picks up a LOT more than you'd expect from seemingly innocent TV shows.

Lo said...

thanks for following! it's nice to see another hoosier blogger. bummer about the pictures...I would have loved to see this black and white party outfit.

oh, and you're 100% right about nickelodeon. disney too, for that matter. it's all a bunch of trash. what happened to lizzie mcguire and her lovable band of misfits?