Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap

January was filled with coaching cheerleading and getting the girls ready for competition. It was a good learning experience and a serious challenge, but also really fun.

We also had a lot of snow & consequently a lot of snow days. My mom started letting Drew sleep over on the couch so that he could shovel the driveway in the morning. ha!

And, I made my final trip to Butler & decided that it would be my home for the next 4 years.

My mom & I, my friend Morgan & her mom, and my friend Brittany & her family all went to the Cun for Spring Break 2010. We had so much fun. It was hot and gorgeous.

I had been telling Drew that I wasn't just going to go to prom with him because I had been dating him forever. All of my friends were getting asked to prom in really fun ways and I wasn't going to let Drew off the hook just because he knew I'd go with him. One day, I came home to this: 

Forks in my front yard that said PROM? It was so clever!! He was waiting inside to see my reaction. I was definitely pleased and of course, said yes!

May was filled with so many fun, good things. Prom was the first event in May. We went with a big group of friends and it was a blast. I was on Prom Court too, something I had secretly always dreamed of.

Although you can't really see this picture very well, I received the Jean McClellan scholarship in May. I felt so honored and humbled to get this scholarship that the family of Jean McClellan, an elementary school teacher in my town, set up in honor of her. They said she was a woman who always went above and beyond to help other people and contribute to her community. I couldn't have been more proud and thankful.

Mrs. McClellan's daughter gave me the award.

Also in May, Drew signed to play football at Marian University. It was a super exciting day!

The graduation party in May with my friends Morgan, Brittany, Kreigha & Devin was the second to last event in May. It was probably one of the only days beside my wedding day that I will have so many friends & family together. It blew my mind with awesomeness. 

We had the graduation party the weekend before graduation because everyone else was having theirs later, so the week after the party was the last week of school. It's our high school tradition for the seniors to collect papers all throughout the year and then toss them on the last day of school. For 3 years I had watched it happen, but I couldn't have imagined how much fun it would be when it was finally my turn!

The first big event in June was of course, Graduation. We don't have a lot of pictures of it though, because frankly, my hair and makeup have seen better days.

and then summer began and the days were filled with good friends and this 

and this 

The nights were spent like this

Drew & I made a trip with Nikki & Ethen to the Cincinnati Zoo. 

And we went to a Dave Matthew's Band Concert or two 

We fell in love with our friend's baby, Rilynn Grace

and we moved Granddad to Indiana; our lives changed as we knew them

As a family, we took our 16th or 17th summer vacation to Ocean Isle. For the first time, Kyle brought his girlfriend, Anna Rose, and I brought Drew. It was really awesome to be able to share the place with Drew that I had been talking about for years. We had a blast! And as always, it's so, so good to see my cousins that I only get to see once a year.


August brought a lot of crazy changes! First of all, Drew & I went on a trip with his family to Patoka Lake. It was primal, that's for sure, but it was fun & I felt lucky to get to spend the time with his family. Oh yeah, and we went on a 7 mile canoe trip. I don't think I've ever griped so much in my life. 

This picture was taken after the canoe trip and after a shower in the hose. I never felt so happy to be clean and not in a boat in my life.

In August, Drew & I went to college. He went 2 weeks early to play football at Marian and I went one week early to do Ambassadors of Change. 
I moved into a dorm, left my little house and got a new roommate. 

 Drew & I went on our first date while living in Indianapolis

My cousin Joe & his wife & kids came to Indy. I hadn't seen them in 3 years. 

And I made a lot of new good friends

 Hilary & I went to see Kings of Leon together!

& Toogie & I got even closer.


September was consumed with planning Toogie's birthday!! It was a spectacular day!

I also started babysitting 3 really awesome little boys in Indy. This is Gavin, the youngest one.

October - Halloween & Fall Break ... oh, and buying fun pajamas

Hello Butler Basketball!

I made a trip to Bloomington for Nikki's birthday

I can honestly say that I didn't fully realize how awesome this year was until I sat down and started looking through the photos. It rocked my socks.

Here's to you and yours, that this year was fabulous and that next year will only be better.

Love & Hugs.


Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

you? freakin' cute.

your prom dress? WANT.

your year? amazeballs.

Megan said...

I love this! As we get older it seems like the years just fly by faster and faster... but when you step back and take a look at everything like this, you can really see how many amazing events and happenings occur within those 365 days. Happy New Year, Ali! :)

Unknown said...

Seriously, I heart you! You are so cute and this was such a great idea! Talk about change, Lady! It will get harder, but it will get a hell of a lot more fun!

Jen said...

Now that was some year!! Happy New Years Dear!!

Oh, and have you entered my perfume giveaway yet?