Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top 50 Things I'm Thankful For!

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I'm coming up with the top 50 things I'm thankful for.
... from Big things to Small things, there are SO many things I'm thankful for! ....
  1. being able to go to college
  2. my roommate
  3. my friends
  4. all of the opportunities I've had here
  5. Public Relations
  6. being lucky enough to find a career in which I can be creative & be with people but not be a teacher.
  7. a super adorable & sweet RA
  8. my bed
  9. heated blankets
  10. the lamp in my dorm room that allows the lighting to not be gross.
  11. Victoria's Secret's cute robe wraps (very important in the dorm)
  12. warm showers
  13. makeup!!!!!!
  14. straighteners
  15. Lucky Jeans
  16. photography
  17. blogger
  18. blogging
  19. Twitter!!!!!!
  20. People that I've found in Indy to babysit for & their super cute kids
  21. running
  22. Butler's HRC that is GORGEOUS
  23. ipods
  24. Mizuno tennis shoes!
  25. my momma (omg my momma)
  26. &the fact that she's my best friend
  27. Mah cell phone
  28. Tanning beds ... shoot me.
  29. chocolate
  31. Hoda & Kathie Lee
  32. music
  33. cozy nights with movies
  34. bubble baths
  35. Nordstrom
  36. Starbucks
  37. Christmas music :)
  38. Industrial-size coffee creamer
  39. days when class gets canceled
  40. days when I feel fully happy being myself & just thankful to be living this life
  41. blogs like this one, this one & this one
  42. my journalism class even though the prof has made me cry more than once and is one of the harshest people I've ever met ... I'm learning a lot
  43. having clothes & shoes
  44. cute pajamas
  45. crafts
  46. Sharpie Pens ... they make anyone's handwriting look b-e-a-u-tiful.
  47. Brian Williams for talking to Kate Middleton & Prince William whom I have a serious obsession with
  48. Food & family on Thanksgiving
  50. Skype
Ok so ... I could probably go on for like a year coming up with things I love, that make my heart a little bit more full - but here you go for today.

What are you thankful for?
Try to come up with 50 things & then comment & let me know you've done it so I can check it out!

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