Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Break Weekend

Thursday & Friday of last week were Fall Break at Butler U, so I went home this weekend. (I know it seems like I'm home all of the time - I kinda am.)

Wednesday night began Fall Break & since my mom was already in Indy for work, I stayed up here with her the first night. Her conference was at the Hilton downtown & for some reason, she got upgraded to the King Suite. I felt like I was on vacation even though I was still in Indianapolis.

Mom had to go to dinner with Cummins, so I went to the hotel & Drew came over & we ordered room service for dinner. I learned my lesson on that one. After $10 in fees, I probably won't do room service again - but it was fun.

We watched the Blind Side on one of the two huge flat screen T.V.'s in the room & then got in the jacuzzi for a while.

My mom came back & Drew left & she and I talked a little bit & then conked out.

Have I mentioned how much I love doing things with my mom? She's seriously the coolest.

She had to get up early in the morning, but I stayed in bed, slept in & only left after eating a nice big yogurt parfait. From the hotel, I went shopping to find her a new purse. The one she had, had a broken strap & she hasn't had the time to get a new one, so I did it for her. I found a stellar deal at Kohl's - a purse that I kinda wanted to keep for $50. Not Kate Spade but it definitely does the trick. I surprised her with it at work & then went to the grocery store to prepare for the dinner we had with Korie & Rilynn that night. You can read about it here.

Mom took the day off on Friday so that we could hang out together. We did some of my favorite things: Went to Target (where I left with nothing - seriously a first), ate at New Japan & then went to a local apple orchard. It was a gorgeous day & we had fun just being together.

I had to go back to the doctor that afternoon for what seems like the 12,000 time & I got a mono test that was ambiguous; Thanks Doc. We just chilled out Friday night & my friend Erica came over to lay with me. Seriously? What a cool friend to just lay with a sick girl.

Saturday morning I decided to rock & roll. I was scheduled to babysit in Indianapolis & I had Toogie on backup to babysit in case I didn't feel well but I was so over being sick & laying around that I decided to just go. It was a long babysitting day, 2-11, & I overflowed their dishwasher because I put liquid Dawn in it, but overall, it was a good day!

Yesterday was for homework, hanging out with friends & Olive Garden with Toogie.
I'm pretty sure those unlimited breadsticks are one reason the scale said I've gained five pounds today but you know, Se la Vi.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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