Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Love To Hate


Seriously, I'm pretty sure that there's nothing worse than when fall hits & you realize that all of your jeans either suck, don't fit or are now so thin that the next time you pull on the belt loops as hard as you can to pull them up over your ass which may or may not have gotten bigger since last fall, will rip.

and we've all been there.
At least twice.

So here I am to tell you about the best kept secret (or maybe not so kept but one that I've just realized) when it comes to jeans.

First of all, despite designer's best efforts to tell you so, money doesn't always buy quality. I have found some perfectly good It! jeans that fit much better than the sevens I've tried on.

HOWEVER, Lucky jeans are well worth the money!
I had been told by a few people that Lucky Brand jeans were a good investment but I never felt like I could shell out the cash until last weekend.

I went into the store on Friday and the lady was all about the fact that they had jeans on sale for $30 bucks! I could totally do that. She went over to a wall and found some for me but Drew was very anxious to go so I told her I'd come back the next day.

And I did. I went back in there, walked right over to the wall & picked up some size 6 Easy Riders and took them into the fitting room.
Angels started singing.
Heaven had opened up and knitted the perfect jeans for my booty and thick legs.

I walked right up to that register, ready to purchase my on sale, perfect jeans and the cashier said
"Your total is 105.69"


Long story short, I had picked up a pair that weren't on sale.
I had to decide if I wanted to be hungry for a couple weeks or leave the jeans that clearly God had handed to me.

I bought the jeans. Duh.
and I couldn't be more happy with them.

These easy riders fit me like a glove & they're so comfy I could sleep in them if I wanted.

I scored with these jeans folks!
You should try them too.

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