Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Yesterday was Toogies birthday, and being the planner I am, I've been working on the ideas for a couple of weeks now.

The first GENIUS idea I had was to make a fake "survey" for her.
We've only been living together for a month now & even though I know that I love her, I don't know all of the specifics.
So last week, when we were both in the room together, I was like "hey toogie, I have to do a roommate survey and write a story on it for my english class." so of course she was all, "ok!"
I apologized for the questions being so weird in advance and asked her things like, "what's your favorite color" & "what would you do on a free day if you could do anything" & "what's your favorite restaurant and type of food?"
I got some answers and started planning.

On Sunday, I sent a big long Facebook message to all of her friends (which I found out from the "survey" question: who are your friends at Butler? Ha!) and told them that we would be going out for her birthday dinner on Thursday night so they needed to put it on their calendars and I asked them to make birthday cards and put them in her mailbox because she checks it like 3 times a day and gets so excited for mail!

Our neighbors, Jessie & Emily & I went to Starbucks on Wednesday night & made this for our door.

It was the beginning of the birthday surprises!
The birthday cake has a ballerina on top in case you can't see it
and the envelope on the top right was holding her "birthday day schedule"

Thursdays are her short days & I'm done every day after 2:15 so it was time to play after classes!
She got ready and put her birthday outfit from me on while I napped

She said, "your'e like a mom on the first day of school!" but I LOVED the outfit!
Jessie. Toogie. Me. Emily.

and after taking some pictures with our neighbors & besties, Jessie & Emily, we headed out for the next adventure: Broadripple to get her ear pierced!!

We're here!!
All done!

After the ear piercing, I wanted to stop by a boutique I had seen but hadn't gone into yet - I'm so glad we did! Uber in Broadripple is a place that everyone should stop in and see. At least for the decor. It was a little pricey for a college students budget but everything was adorable and the decor was amazing! We had so much fun taking pictures!

The pictures make me excited all over again!
When I asked if we could take pictures the lady said it was okay as long as we weren't going to try to replicate it.
I told her I would if I could but I definitely couldn't.
Too awesome!

In the "survey", Toogie told me that she just loooovvves starches.
I decided the perfect place for that was Buca di Peppo!
Most of Toogies friends showed up and we had an absolute blast!
The waitress was awful & we ended up getting our appetizer for free but it didn't matter. My abs hurt after we left from laughing so much!

After our fabulous carbilicous dinner, we came back to the dorms for one last surprise!

all of the girls: Haley.Tess.Devin.Jess.Emily.Toogie

Emily & Jessie went in together and got cupcakes for all of us from Flying Cupcake, a gourmet cupcake store in Broadripple!
They got Toogie's favorite kind ... Funfetti!

Toogie walked in the room to find her cupcake with a Q-tip candle!
Hey, girls have to do what girls have to do!

"Is that a Q-tip??"
lovin it!

We ended the night together laughing our bellies off watching Step Brothers & with bellies full of carbs & sugar, we were all out by midnight!

Toogie had a great 19th birthday & we all had a tons of fun celebrating with her!

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Unknown said...

Aww! You are like the best roommate ever! And that boutique is TDF! You girls all look cute! I feel old, haha!!!!